Police Believe Holistic Doctor Teresa Sievers’ Murder Was Orchestrated By Her Husband For Insurance Payout

Police investigators have suggested that Mark Sievers, the husband of the holistic doctor that was bludgeoned to death in her Florida home, may have orchestrated the murder in order to obtain his wife’s insurance payouts. A 33-page probable cause affidavit indicates that Mark Sievers’ connections to the two arrested murder suspects is not coincidence, and claim the husband hired the two men to kill Teresa Sievers in order to access her multi-million dollar life insurance policies.

The Daily Mail reports that a beloved holistic doctor in Bonita Springs, Florida, was bludgeoned to death with a hammer in her home after returning from vacation with her family in Connecticut a day early for work. However, her two children and husband, Mark Sievers, remained behind in Connecticut to finish up the trip. When Teresa returned home, she was met by intruders with a hammer who killed the woman in her kitchen.

Two men were arrested in connection with Teresa Sievers’ murder. However, police believe that one more person was involved, Teresa’s husband Mark. According to the probable cause affidavit submitted by the murder investigators, it was no coincidence that Mark Sievers knew the two men arrested for his wife’s murder. In fact, one of the alleged murderers was his long-time friend, Curtis Wayne Wright, Jr. The second man was a friend of Wright’s named Jimmy Rodgers, Jr.

The affidavit included statements made by Rodgers’ girlfriend, Taylor Shomaker, claiming that Rodgers and Wright were hired by Mark Sievers to kill Teresa. The probably cause affidavit, which was submitted in December, says that Wright was going to receive an undisclosed sum of money while Rodgers would receive $10,000 for helping.

“This murder was committed in expectation of Wright getting paid an undisclosed amount of money from Mark Sievers and then in turn, he was to pay Rodgers $10,000 for his involvement.”

To further incriminate Mark Sievers, police included images taken from Teresa Sievers’ medical office on the day of her funeral. Police claim that Mark Sievers was seen throwing computers away from Teresa’s office shortly after her funeral. Photos of the computers in the dumpster were submitted as evidence. In addition to the computers and girlfriend’s testimony, police also submitted GPS data, text messages, and phone records from Teresa and Mark.

The police say that the Sievers’ marriage was on the rocks for some time and that he couple were both involved in multiple extramarital affairs. Additionally, the pair had been experimenting with “swinging.” Therefore, police say the relationship was unstable and that when financial burdens mounted, Teresa owed $35,000 in back taxes, Mark allegedly hired Rodgers and Wright to murder his wife so that he could receive her $4.4 million worth of life insurance policies.

The photographs taken from the crime scene can be viewed at Naples News and include an image of the bloody hammer allegedly used in the attack against Teresa. Images of the Sievers’ blood-covered kitchen were also released to the public.

Despite the probably cause affidavit and Mark’s assumed involvement in Teresa Sievers’ murder, Mark Sievers has not been arrested in connection with the murder and is living with the couple’s two daughters.

[Image via State Attorney’s Office via Naples News]