WWE News: Fans No Longer Interested In Chris Jericho

In WWE news, Chris Jericho made his return to World Wrestling Entertainment on an episode of Monday Night Raw, and fans are complaining about it, according to Talk is Jericho.

Through his weekly podcast interview, Chris Jericho confirmed that there were indeed fans who complained to him about making too many returns to World Wrestling Entertainment. The reaction that Chris Jericho received this month when he showed up on Monday Night Raw was a bit lukewarm when compared to surprising returns that he had made years ago.

When compared to the raucous reaction that “Stone Cold” Steve Austin receives whenever he makes a shocking return to WWE, the recent Chris Jericho reaction was quite subdued.

Chris Jericho is now receiving a similar reaction from fans that “Hardcore Legend” Mick Foley used to usually receive back when he was frequently making appearances for WWE. Regardless of how great your career was, and Chris Jericho has had a great one, WWE fans will eventually turn on you whenever you show up too often. They want to see someone else.

Rob Van Dam purposely chooses to stay away from World Wrestling Entertainment for longer periods of time because he knows that the fans are not going to react well otherwise.

Steve Austin
Steve Austin [Photo by WWE]

While he acknowledges that a certain percentile of the audience doesn’t really respond well to his frequent returns to WWE, Chris Jericho isn’t going to let that stop him from wrestling. Chris Jericho stated that he is going to make as many returns to WWE as he wants because he still has a passion for being a professional wrestler. Jericho wants to keep performing.

WWE is going to keep letting Chris Jericho come back and wrestle because they know that there are still a lot of fans that want to see the former world heavyweight champion perform. According to Chris Jericho himself, he isn’t back with World Wrestling Entertainment for just a couple of nights. He is back for several weeks and perhaps even a couple of months. There appears to be some truth to that, as Chris Jericho has already announced on Monday Night Raw that he is going to be one of the 30 entrants in the Royal Rumble this year.

Chris Jericho even teased that he might end up as a seven-time winner of the WWE Heavyweight Championship, as Roman Reigns is being forced to defend the belt during the match. While it would create quite the buzz for WWE, management does not appear very likely to put their most important belt on Chris Jericho because he still plans on leaving yet again.

John Cena
John Cena [Photo by WWE]

Earlier this week, WWE was devastated when they found out that John Cena injured his shoulder and would require surgery and rehabilitation that will force him to miss Wrestlemania. Since John Cena was supposed to be one of the biggest draws at Wrestlemania, World Wrestling Entertainment officials are now forced to find some other way to generate excitement.

Chris Jericho isn’t quite the same draw that John Cena is for WWE, but his presence will help out some. Management just needs to find more big names to go along with Jericho.

Steve Austin was pretty adamant when he stated that he would not be a part of Wrestlemania this year, but management might be willing to throw a bigger offer on the table now. After all, Wrestlemania is being held in Dallas this year, and one of the most well-known wrestlers from the state of Texas is Steve Austin himself. He worked the territory as a rookie.

Some fans might not be interested in Chris Jericho any more, but Wrestlemania could use him.

[Featured Photo by WWE]