Stop A Hangover Before It Ever Starts With This Superfood’s Liver Detoxifying Abilities

Alcohol drinkers can now rest a little easier knowing that this superfood can stop a hangover before it even begins. This is great news for anyone who may have had one too many drinks the night before.

There are numerous foods and supplements that claim to knock out a hangover, but many of these “remedies” leave much to be desired. However, there is a promising cure for the hangover and numerous other ailments such as treatment for colds, flu and various viruses. The bright green algae Chlorella is a powerful liver and heavy metal detoxifier that can knock out a hangover before it ever starts.

The Daily Mail reports that the bright green algae called Chlorella could prove to be the ultimate hangover cure. The algae is unusual in that it is a sea algae that grows in fresh water. Chlorella is being called the newest superfood by nutritionist Nikki Ostrower of NAO Nutrition in New York City due to its powerful detoxification properties. The bright green algae is full of chlorophyll, which is a known liver cleanser. In addition to the chlorophyll, Chlorella is also full of protein, antioxidants, minerals, amino acids, and vitamins. This makes Chlorella a powerhouse in the nutrition department and perfect for a variety of ailments.

However, the most surprising use of Chlorella is likely the ability for the algae to ward off a hangover. There is one catch, though, regarding the use of Chlorella to stop a hangover, it must be taken before a heavy night of drinking. It cannot ward off a hangover if the alcohol has already been consumed. For best results, it is suggested that Chlorella should be taken by the potential drinker at least two hours before consuming the first alcoholic beverage. The algae will ward off the ill effects of a heavy night of drinking by protecting the liver before the drinking ever begins. It also provides the body with all of the nutrients that are robbed from the body during a drinking session.

“It floods your body with all of the nutrients that are robbed from it when you drink alcohol. Your vitamins and nutrients are replenished, so you might not feel nauseous or headachey, and you’ll also have less of a brain fog.”

Ostrower notes that Chlorella can’t always work 100 percent, but it will certainly lessen the severity of a hangover if taken before a night of drinking. If you forget to take Chlorella before drinking, the nutritionist warns against taking the algae the morning after. In fact, Ostrower notes that if the algae is taken the morning after a night of heavy drinking, it won’t prevent liver damage as the damage is already done. Instead, it could upset your stomach further.

“It won’t have prevented the liver from alcohol’s damage – and the intensity of the algae could cause a person to be sick.”

According to Super Nutrition Life, a person should consume five grams of Chlorella before drinking for best results. A study performed on the hangover effects of Chlorella noted that those taking five grams of the bright green algae had a 96 percent reduction in hangover symptoms.

Have you tried the liver detoxifying powers of Chlorella before a night of drinking? Did it help decrease the severity of your hangover the next day?

[Image via Chlorella Europe]