Farrah Abraham Uninvited From Lisa Vanderpump’s Party, Blames ‘Teen Mom’

Farrah Abraham is one of the most controversial reality stars out there right now. She gained her claim to fame by starring in 16 & Pregnant, which then turned into doing Teen Mom and Teen Mom OG. Since then, Abraham has made some decisions that many would consider risky at best. It has been a few years, but Farrah Abraham made a sex tape with James Deen for the adult entertainment industry. This is one of the reasons why she is deemed too controversial for some, and too over-the-top for most.

Apparently Farrah Abraham was supposed to attend a party thrown in Lisa Vanderpump’s honor in the Hamptons over the summer. The party was showed on the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, and Abraham being uninvited will be discussed during an upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG. When the conversation about her being uninvited is brought up, Abraham blames Teen Mom for being dubbed controversial, not her adult entertainment affiliation. The Teen Mom OG producer suggests that the sex tape was a long time ago and Abraham went off. According to Us Weekly, Farrah Abraham didn’t want to mention the tape at all. She wanted to acknowledge she left the adult industry behind and that’s it. There are some accusations being thrown around about what happened during the tape being filmed, but nothing concrete has come to light.

The idea that Farrah Abraham is too controversial isn’t something many people would disagree with. From finding herself pregnant as a teenager to starring in an adult film with a little girl at home, the controversy is clear. Last season, when she returned to Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout pulled her son from filming because of the career paths Abraham has chosen. Her sex tape with James Deen was a big deal a few years back, and some people only know of her reputation because of the sex tape. While it may not be what Abraham wants to be known for, it is something she may never live down.

This season seems to be particularly rough for Farrah Abraham. She is acting out, and some of her antics have cross the line. According to Radar Online, Farrah Abraham is actually caught on camera pushing one of the producers. There have been accusations of verbal abuse, but physical altercations can be a little more shocking. Abraham has changed a lot since she began filming 16 & Pregnant, and each year she seems to be getting worse. When Teen Mom OG Season 2 premiered, it was revealed that Abraham would not allow the crew to use the bathroom in her home. MTV has to have a portable bathroom delivered for when they are filming.

As the season progresses, Farrah Abraham seems to be less kind toward the crew. She has several outbursts throughout filming, and she is allegedly acting immaturely when things do not go her way or subjects are discussed that she doesn’t want to deal with. Abraham has been feuding with her co-stars from Teen Mom for several years, mostly because of her recent choices. The other three women on Teen Mom OG don’t particularly like Abraham, and they have made it known during a book-signing event just a few weeks ago. Abraham responded back to them, and it wasn’t as nasty as many had expected. As more time passes, Farrah Abraham may be able to put the sex tape behind her. Right now, though, Abraham’s controversial status seems to come from her choices after Teen Mom.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for MTV]