Catherine Lowe’s Twitter Hacked, Private Conversations Revealed, Photos Deleted

Catherine and Sean Lowe fell in love on The Bachelor, and ever since, this couple has been a fan favorite. They are now on the new season of Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. This couple is so sweet, and it is obvious they are in love. They actually just announced that they are expecting their first child together. Now, E! Online is revealing that Catherine Lowe really had her feelings hurt by someone who thought it would be okay to hack into her Twitter account. They posted a very intimate conversation that she had with Nick Viall and even deleted some of her photos. Catherine was very upset by this act.

They have been able to solve the issue with Catherine Lowe’s Twitter, but whoever hacked in deleted several of her photos over the last few weeks. Catherine was really upset that those memories are gone now. At least, she now has her Twitter account back and, hopefully, it won’t end up happening again to her.

Lowe doesn’t seem to know who got into her account, but they did delete photos and also shared a big conversation that she had with Nick Viall. It is not like Catherine was doing anything wrong or that would upset her husband Sean Lowe. She was actually talking to Nick about setting him up with a friend of hers. Catherine Lowe sent him a picture of her pretty and “leggy blonde” friend. The dates of these messages were not shared, but back in September, Nick Viall had shared that he was dating someone, so he must have moved on since then. Nick didn’t find love on The Bachelor, but, of course, he does deserve love.

One thing that the messages between Nick and Catherine did confirm is that he is single right now. He told her that he wasn’t dating anyone and gave her another way to contact him other than Twitter. Nick even said that he really does hope that he can meet Sean and Catherine Lowe someday in person. He also admitted that sometimes getting set up by friends can be “dicey,” but Nick acted like he is more than willing to try it out and see what happens.

Catherine Lowe’s husband Sean wasn’t very happy about what happened either and went to his Instagram page to share his thoughts.

“This is the face of an angel. Who would want to hurt someone so sweet? A huge doucher that’s who. But their sad life is their business, @catherinegiudici will go back to being awesome. Thanks to everyone who was concerned about her hacked account tonight.”

Hopefully, whoever decided to mess with Catherine Lowe and hack into her account won’t be doing it again. Lowe will probably also be deleting her messages from now on and also thinking twice before she not saving pictures to her phone as well so that that memory can’t end up being deleted. Hopefully, it wasn’t someone close to Catherine that did this to her.

Are you shocked to hear that someone hacked Catherine Lowe’s Twitter account? Do you think that this person will try it again? Sound off in the comments below on your thoughts, and don’t miss watching Catherine and Sean Lowe on Friday nights on Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars on WE tv. This show always has one couple with a great marriage that just needs a little work, and Catherine and Sean seem to be that couple this season.

[Photo by Roberto Gonzalez/Getty Images for I-Drive 360]