Justin Bieber Kicked Out Of Mexico Ruins After Pants ‘Fell’ Or Were ‘Pulled Down’

Justin Bieber and his group were reportedly asked to leave the ancient Mayan archaeological site of Tulum, Mexico during his visit on Thursday for allegedly pulling his pants down, with the help of pals. However, another report says the singer’s pants “fell off” accidentally after he disembarked from one of the ruins.

“I can confirm to you that Mr. Bieber was kicked out of the Tulum archaeological site yesterday,” Adriana Velazquez-Morlet, director of the National Institute of Anthropology and History informed Entertainment Tonight. “He and his mates pulled his pants down and insulted our staff at the site.”

“We have a very strict policy of conservation and respect of the Mexican cultural heritage that applies equally to all our visitors, whether or not they’re famous,” Velazquez-Morlet added.

Velazquez-Morlet said that the police were called after Bieber wouldn’t come down from one of the ruins and angry words were allegedly exchanged between the star’s security and the site guards. But, the cops’ intervention “wasn’t necessary” in the end. Shortly after, the Purpose singer and his crew were escorted from the area.

On Friday, an anonymous Mexican official at the National Institute of Anthropology and History said the Canadian and his group were “asked to leave” the Mayan archaeological site after the Biebs “apparently tried to climb onto or among the ruins,” the Associated Press reports.

The outlet noted visitors are permitted to climb some of the pre-Hispanic pyramids in Mexico, but some ruins are off-limits with “no entry” signs if they are considered vulnerable or unstable.

Bieber has been traveling in the Tulum area on Mexico’s Caribbean coast south of Cancun, for the past few days with reported new girlfriend, 19-year-old Hailey Baldwin, and friends. Along the way, they have been sharing photos on their respective social media accounts.

Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber relaxes at a jungle camp on Mexico's Caribbean coast [Photo via Instagram]
Justin Bieber
The singer exploring in Mexico [Photo via Instagram]

Us Weekly reports the “pants” part of the ruins incident was an unintentional accident, which is equally likely, given Bieber’s habit for wearing low-hanging pants.

According to the magazine, an official said the “Sorry” singer stepped into a fenced-off restricted area and climbed up the ruins.

Consequently, site security yelled at the star to get off the ruin, but Bieber disregarded their demands and carried on climbing, according to the official. It’s stated more security personnel then appeared and also yelled at the heartthrob to come down, and the singer’s group left the site after guards “prepared to physically remove him.”

The magazine adds that the observer said Bieber did yell back at the official when they screamed at him.

As for the pants. Us writes that although some reports claimed that Bieber pulled down his pants during the drama, the source said that part of the incident looked unintentional.

Claims that the singer and his crew were drinking beer were made in the Spanish tabloid La Razon, then repeated in the British tabloids The Sun, The Mirror, Mail Online, TMZ, and other media outlets. However, that alleged detail was not mentioned by Velazquez-Morlet or Us Weekly and may not be true.

La Razon alleges Bieber was first stopped along with his bodyguards when he tried to enter the Tulum site with his crew at around 4 p.m. with a beer in his hand. The paper said the superstar was prevented from doing so,”but after getting rid of his drink, he entered with his friends.”

The newspaper claims the Biebs then “pulled his underpants down,” which prompted site personnel to ask him to leave.

Watch footage of the group leaving the archaeological site in the video below. Neither Bieber or anyone else in his crew appeared to be drunk or tipsy.

Another newspaper, Mexico’s Sipse, said the Tulum staff were worried Bieber could have damaged the ruins after he ventured into an off-limits area.

“The singer ignored the signs and decided to climb onto platforms and restricted areas. He was asked to desist and after repeating his behavior, he was invited to leave the area escorted by security guards,” the outlet wrote.

Despite Thursday’s malarkey, the director for the National Institute of Anthropology and History told TMZ on Friday, that Bieber is welcome back to the ruins as long as he follows visitors’ rules. As for whether or not Bieber’s pants came down because they “fell off” or were “pulled down,” that will probably never be known for sure.

On a lighter note, the Biebs and his party were said to have been “completely respectful” during a visit to a native Maya ecotourism camp near Tulum two days earlier.

Nathalie Leño, the spokeswoman for AllTournative, a cooperative operation with Maya communities at a camp called the Jungla Maya Park in the Quintana Roo area of Mexico, reveals Bieber visited on Tuesday and “expressed a lot of interest in the work we do to preserve the environment.”

Justin Bieber
Bieber took part in a shamanistic ritual while in Mexico iwhich may be what's shown here [Image via Instagram]

“He was completely respectful, and he participated in the welcoming ceremony performed by a local shaman,” said Leno.

“He even ate some of the traditional food prepared by local communities.” The singer reportedly also abseiled and swam in an underground natural pool.

Bieber has said on a number of occasions that he will still do “dumb” things from time to time and that he is a work in progress. He has also contributed years of outstanding give back for others through his charity and outreach work, and continues to.

Bieber jetted out of Mexico on Friday and is thought to have returned to Los Angeles.

Justin Bieber
Justin at Delphinus Riviera Maya in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico earlier this week [Photo via Instagram]

[Images via Instagram]