Lady Gaga, Taylor Kinney — Nude ‘V’ Magazine Cover And Future Wedding Plans

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney have been engaged since Valentine’s Day last year, and the couple recently displayed their love for one another in a very unique way. Lady Gaga has appeared on 16 different covers of V Magazine in this month alone, each one paying homage to a style icon that the singer truly admires. The singer sent out a tweet on Friday morning with the cover for issue number 15, and it features her and fiancé Kinney reenacting the iconic image of John Lennon and Yoko Ono in a nude self-portrait. Gaga captions the picture, “We made love on a canvas for peace.”

Taylor, apparently, came up with the idea for the picture years ago while the couple was living together in San Diego. Once the V Magazine collaboration opportunity presented itself, they gladly took it.

“When I asked [Taylor] to collaborate with me on a project to raise money and awareness about mental illness, he immediately brought my attention back to this idea,” Lady Gaga said, according to Hollywood Life. “We then of course began our research. What type of paint do we use? Which colors and why? Is there a functional way to apply the paint so it smears more beautifully? Who’s to say what makes a smear beautiful anyway?”

Apparently, the picture was taken right after the two had sex, on a Sunday in Chicago. With 16 covers total, this particular issue of V Magazine is selling for $50. The proceeds will be going toward Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation, aimed at empowering young people.

“Since many people had made art of their love on canvases before, we had to do something more—to apply a purpose greater than each other, and make love for the world. We would draw attention to something important, with an adult finger painting. From the sale of each issue bearing Taylor and I making our painting on the cover, a donation will be made by V Magazine to the Born This Way Foundation, which helps to bring cutting-edge, social-emotional intelligence research to the world.”

Lady Gaga and Taylor Kinney first met on the set of Gaga’s “You and I” music video back in 2011. During one take, Kinney kissed her. She wasn’t expecting it and when they yelled “cut,” Gaga slapped him. Despite the rough start, they officially became engaged in February of 2015. Taylor opened up about his wedding plans with Gaga to UPI. Kinney is keen on letting Lady Gaga have everything that she wants for the wedding, and is completely content with the ceremony taking place in a white chapel. They are in no rush, as the couple wants to make sure they do it right.

Taylor Kinney recently won the award for Favorite Dramatic TV Actor for his role in the TV series Chicago Fire at the 2016 People’s Choice Awards on Wednesday night. During his speech, he gave a very special shout out to his fiancée. Lady Gaga was not present at the awards ceremony, but she was nominated for Favorite Sci-Fi/Fantasy TV Actress for American Horror Story: Hotel.

“My fiance couldn’t be here tonight but she says hello, wishes she could,” the 34-year-old actor said as he accepted his award. “I love you babe, thank you for having my back and supporting me. You inspire me every day. And to the people: I implore you, pursue your passions, chase your dreams.”

Kinney also gave a shout out to his mother, Pam, who was in the crowd. Being a very proud parent, she recently spoke with Entertainment Tonight and declared that she loved her future daughter-in-law the moment she met her.

[Photo by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]