Scott Stockert: Man Claims He Is Jesus Christ, Son Of Marilyn Monroe And JFK, Arrested For Plotting To Kidnap Obama’s Dog

Scott Stockert, a North Dakota man, was arrested in Washington, D.C, after officials were tipped by a Secret Service field office that Scott was in the capital to abduct Bo, one of President Obama’s two dogs. While it is unclear why he wanted to kidnap the president’s dog, things got even weirder when officials asked Scott to identify himself. Scott Stockert claimed he was Jesus Christ himself and also added that he was the lovechild of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. Scott Stockert also revealed his intentions to run for president.

According to the New York Daily News, Stockert was arrested by Secret Service agents on Wednesday night. He had a truck full of unlicensed, unregistered firearms, several weapons, and hundreds of rounds of ammunition with him, so it was evident that Stockert was in town to undertake a major operation. The motive behind Stockert’s decision to kidnap the president’s dog remains a mystery.

Stockert was charged Friday morning for “attempting to kidnap one of the Obama family’s dogs.” According to a filing submitted to a D.C. court, Stockert was upset when he was arrested by Secret Service agents, and he even threatened them with dire consequences.

“You picked the wrong person to mess with. I will f**k your world up,” the 49-year-old reportedly told the agents when they took him into their custody.

After he was arrested, Stockert himself gave authorities the permission to search his vehicle. When his truck was searched, they managed to unearth a huge cache of arms and ammunition. The weapons unearthed from it included an unloaded 12-gauge pump shotgun, a bolt-action rifle, 289 rounds of .22 caliber long rifle bullets, 71 rounds of 12-gauge shotgun ammunition, two rounds of .223 rifle ammunition, a 12-inch machete, and an 18-inch billy club. After officials found large amounts of arms and ammunition, Scott Stockert was charged with carrying a rifle or shotgun outside of his home or place of business. Carrying of unregistered firearms is illegal in Washington, D.C.

According to the Secret Service’s Minnesota field office, Scott Stockert made an elaborate plan to kidnap Obama’s dog and had planned to drive down from North Dakota to Washington to steal the pooch. Upon questioning after being arrested, Stockert claimed his driver’s license would identify himself as Jesus Christ and added that he also happened to be the son of Marilyn Monroe and John F. Kennedy. He further added that he wanted to visit Washington to advocate for $99-a-month health care plan. He also had plans to run for the presidency.

Scott Stockert planned to kidnap Obama's dog
U.S. President Barack Obama walks the first dog Bo (Photo by Gary Fabiano-Pool/Getty Images)

Officials believe that Scott Stockert is mentally disturbed. After he was presented in court, the judge decided that he should be charged and released him under high supervision. Stockert has also been ordered to stay away from Washington and the White House. He has also been barred from buying or possessing any firearms, a Washington Post report said.

The documents filed by officials to the court do not reveal his intentions behind the planned kidnapping of Obama’s dog Bo. This dog is the elder of the two dogs that the president has and is generally thought to be the holder of the title of the First Dog of the United States.

The news of Scott Stockert’s arrest comes less than a year after the Inquisitr reported about the arrests of individuals who tried to enter the White House. One of the White House fence jumpers was shot dead in a court house earlier this year as well.

Do you really think Scott Stockert is mentally disturbed?

[Photo by Pete Souza/The White House via Getty Images]