Taylor Swift On How She Gets Celebs To Walk The Catwalk At Her Shows

Taylor Swift has finished her whirlwind 1989 tour and is back home in the U.S. enjoying some down time with family, friends, and yes, her special man, Calvin Harris. Hollywood Life reports that the couple barely saw each other while Swift was on tour, but now that she is done they are making up for lost time.

When she got home, Taylor Swift had a huge birthday/holiday bash at Apple executive Jimmy Iovine's home in Malibu. There was cake, plus Swift's mom, Andrea Swift, and Calvin Harris were there. A source revealed to Hollywood Life that the couple planned to spend a lot of time together in the week after the birthday bash.

"Calvin and Taylor have hardly seen each other since she begun her 1989 World Tour, so they want to make up for lost time. The two do want to spend the next week in bed together because they've really missed being a couple, and really missed their intimacy with one another."
Apparently, an insider also told Hollywood Life that the two are also certain that they have found "the one."
"No breakup is going to happen. No engagement is imminent, but they have told each other that it ends with them and they will get married."
As for her 1989 tour, Taylor Swift has not left that behind completely. Newzy reports she has created a concert video of her 1989 tour. The video became available for streaming on Apple Music as of December 20, 2015.That she is streaming the video is a big step, considering she had previously withheld her music from streaming in the past, thanks to a controversial move by Apple that Taylor Swift opposed. Swift is one of NME's People of the Year 2015, in large part, due to her response when Apple Music decided to offer a three-month trial of their services without paying the artists for their music.

Taylor Swift said, "Um no," in her very professional and classy way by posting an open letter on her blog that went viral. In the letter, she made it clear that it was not okay to expect the musicians to go without compensation.

"We don't ask you for free iPhones. Please don't ask us to provide you with our music for no compensation."
Read the entire letter here.

Apple's decision was ultimately reversed, with the company agreeing to compensate artists during the trial period.

As for her 1989 tour, Taylor Swift had some big names guest star onstage with her, including Ellen DeGeneres, Mick Jagger, and Alanis Morissette. According to AP, Swift said everyone who appeared onstage was already there to see the show.

"Interviewers always ask me how we 'get' these people to come to the shows to walk, and the truth is that everyone who has walked the catwalk at one of the shows was already there just to see the show."

Now that Taylor Swift is moving on from her 1989 tour, what will she do next? People reports that one fan is hoping she might reconnect with him to recreate a photo op from years ago. Dan Hauk starred in the play Bye Bye Birdie alongside Swift in their hometown of Reading, Pennsylvania in 2001. Hauk tweeted a photo of the two dressed as their characters. The caption reaches out to Swift and Swifties alike.

So far, Taylor Swift has not retweeted the photo. Perhaps she is too busy reuniting with Calvin Harris to be concerned about social media right now, but she does seem to love throwbacks. Who knows what will happen once she catches wind of the pick posted by Hauk.

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