Is Supreme Leader Snoke Really Darth Vader? [Spoilers]

The moment Star Wars: The Force Awakens was announced, fan theories have popped up about nearly every character in the films. The latest rumor is that Darth Vader may actually be Supreme Leader Snoke, the larger-than-life mentor for Kylo Ren. It seems a little far-fetched following the touching demise at the conclusion of Return of the Jedi, but there are some convincing and interesting theories.

Before going forward, it’s important to note that there will be spoilers in this post. If you’re one of the very few on the planet who still hasn’t seen The Force Awakens, continue reading at your own risk.

It all began after a single Twitter user posted three images in combination with each other. Without saying a word, the Twitter user suggested Supreme Leader Snoke was actually Darth Vader. See for yourself.

There are several deductions that followed. For starters, the mask. There are a few scenes in the newest Star Wars film showing Kylo Ren practially worshiping the smoldered helmet of Darth Vader in a shrine-like room. There’s also some question about how Kylo Ren came to find the melted mask.

In the wreckage of the Death Star, it seems more than unlikely that the mask of all things would survive. It’s indicated that Darth Vader may have come back from the dead in the form of a Supreme Sith Leader, and somehow managed to use the Force to recover the helmet. Let’s admit it. That theory is far less fleshed out than some of the others, and it would definitely take some lengthy explaining for that one to work out.

The major portion of the fan theory that’s getting attention is the comparison of Darth Vader’s face after he was unmasked at the conclusion of Return of the Jedi. Vader’s face is shown with scars on the left side of his face and at the top of his bald head. These scars are a close match to those of Snoke in The Force Awakens. Side by side, the two scarred faces look startlingly similar, indicating a direct connection between the two characters.

Darth Vader is one of the most revered movie villains in history. It would make many fans very happy if he were to rise again in the upcoming series. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

There’s also the story Senator Palpatine shares with Anakin Skywalker in Revenge of the Sith about another Sith Lord who returned from the dead. It was the tale of master Darth Plagueis, and it suggested that the man behind the mask wasn’t nearly as dead as he seemed on the surface, allowing him to resurface later, more powerful than before.

All of these examples, along with Snoke’s obvious connection to Kylo Ren, indicate that he could be Darth Vader reincarnated after all.

However, there’s some strong evidence against that case, namely Anakin Skywalker’s redemption at the close of Return of the Jedi. He made good with his son Luke, and after he died, he was even seen standing next to the force spirits of Obi Wan Kenobi and Yoda. If Darth Vader’s spirit was still dark, could he really stand in the light next to two great Jedi?

Even still, there doesn’t seem to be any rules when it comes to comic books and fan lore. Characters come back from the dead all the time, even in the oddest of circumstances.

Another theory acknowledges that Darth Vader, who turned to the light in the end, could never come back as such a powerful Sith Lord as Snoke. As a result, they’re concluding that Snoke is Darth Plagueis instead.

Others say that it’s Emperor Palpatine who has come back from the dead to train the grandson of Darth Vader.

There are a lot of theories surrounding this one photograph collage on Twitter. Could Darth Vader be coming back in the eighth episode of Star Wars?

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