Forget Kissing Danielle, Here’s The Big Louis Tomlinson News

Louis Tomlinson is currently believed to be enjoying a skiing vacation at Val D’isere in the French alps. One Direction star Louis is widely rumored to be dating actress Danielle Campbell, who is also skiing in the French resort. In recent weeks, as reported in Inquisitr, Tomlinson’s fans have been increasingly concerned about the 24-year-old star’s health. Some pictures have circulated on social media that appeared to show Louis looking tired, pale and hollow cheeked. Fans will be delighted to see that Tomlinson has the sparkle back in his eyes as he shared pictures on Instagram that suggest that Louis is back to being fighting fit.

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Recent press coverage on Tomlinson has been far from complimentary. Even as some sections of the media were reporting that Louis may have a new love interest in Danielle Campbell, they were also implying that Tomlinson was a “love rat” who had abandoned “pregnant girlfriend Briana Jungwirth.”

As previously reported by Inquisitr, press coverage on Tomlinson has been so negative that his mother, Johannah Deakin, took to social media to defend her son.

It’s fair to say that many of Louis’ fans do not buy the claims that Tomlinson is dating Campbell. Over the years, fans have become tired of the incessant desire to link Tomlinson, or one of his bandmates, to one beautiful woman or another. It is usually Harry Styles who gets the romance rumor attention, but he has been overshadowed this year by bandmates Tomlinson and Niall Horan.

Fans were widely predicting that we would see pictures of Tomlinson kissing Campbell on New Year’s Eve but that failed to materialize. Louis fans did not have to wait for longm though. The Daily Mail reports that a sneaky fan captured the much anticipated kiss via cellphone and circulated it on social media. The fact that the picture was shared by an account that has only existed for a couple of weeks and bears Louis and Danielle’s “ship” name as a handle is probably just coincidence. It was hugely fortunate that the owner of an account dedicated to Louis and Danielle’s romance just happened to be in the right place at the right time to document the couple kiss.

The Mirror reports that another Tomlinson fan has been stalking his movements and claims that Louis kisses Danielle every 20 seconds.

With their attention on Tomlinson’s rumored romance, the gossip columns have missed out on the really big Louis news. Entertainment Weekly reports that Louis joined bandmate Liam Payne to record dialogue for the hit adult cartoon Family Guy. That’s right, Louis and Liam’s caricatures and voices are to appear in Family Guy.

It seems that One Direction in cartoon format will appear in an episode, which centers on Chris running for homecoming king. During a campfire scene with Stewie tells the One Direction boys a scary story involving non-skinny jeans. It seems that One Direction mentor Simon Cowell also appears in the show but it isn’t clear if he will voice the part himself or not.

According to the Mirror, all four of One Direction members are featured in the show but Payne and Tomlinson were the only two band members who recorded lines of dialogue for the episode.

Family Guy executive producers Richard Appel and Steve Callaghan revealed that they are delighted to be able to include One Direction in the show.

“There are not a lot of shows that, in the same season, feature guest star appearances by both Frank Sinatra, Jr. and One Direction. And we really enjoyed their time with us, until we realised we were both old enough to be their fathers.”

The show featuring Tomlinson and the rest of the boys is slated to drop this May.

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