Men Should Eat After Exercising While Women Should Eat Before To Increase Fat Burning Power

With many New Year’s resolutions revolving around weight loss, many will be happy to know that you can burn more fat without spending extra time on the treadmill. In fact, women can burn up to 22 percent more fat in a single exercise simply by timing their meals differently. Researchers have found that you can burn more fat by timing your meals either before or after exercising. However, the best time to eat a meal is dependent upon the gender of the person trying to lose weight. Men and women store carbohydrates and fats differently in the body; therefore, it should come as no surprise that the two genders will burn fat differently as well. For men, this means exercising before you eat to maximize the fat-burning potential, whereas women should eat before hitting the gym.

The Daily Mail reports that new research suggests that meal timing plays an important role in the fat-burning process for both males and females. However, the timing of those meals are completely opposite for the two genders. While the study found that women burn more fat by eating meals before a workout, men burned more fat when they ate their meals after a heavy workout.

The experiment was featured on the BBC program, Trust Me I’m A Doctor. The study was performed to determine if more fat could be burned depending on when a meal was consumed in relation to exercise. The experiment was created based off of research by Dr. Adam Collins of the University of Surrey. The study performed by Collins suggested that the amount of fat we burn changes based on whether we eat before or after exercise. It also noted that the answer seemed to depend on gender.

In Collins’ study, he found that men who ate carbohydrates before exercise burned fat more slowly and that the slow fat burning effects of the carbs lasted for approximately three hours. However, when studying women, Collins discovered that women actually burned more fat if they consumed carbs shortly before beginning their fitness program. Collins performed the test on a group of men and women, giving some of the participants carbs and another group a placebo. The results were consistent, men should eat after exercise to burn the most fat and women should eat before.

The researchers note that there is good reason for the female and male bodies to react differently to the fat burning and carbohydrate consumption as men’s bodies run as carb-burners. Men will burn off carbs before fat. Therefore, anytime a man eats a carb, that carbohydrate will be burned off before any fat is burned. Therefore, men eating carbs burned less fat overall than those who did not consume carbs before or after a workout.

Conversely, women’s bodies are not designed to run off of carbs and will actually store carbs instead of burning them. Therefore, if a woman eats carbs before a workout, it fuels her exercise and she will continue to burn fat at a higher rate for three hours following the consumption of the carbs. However, if she eats carbs after she works out, it sends the body into overload and will hinder fat burning.

What do you think about the research suggesting that men should eat after a workout while women should consume their food before hitting the gym?

[Photo by Don Arnold/Getty Images]