June 29, 2017
Miley Cyrus: The Humanitarian Side No One Sees; And How She Got 3 Air Force Pilots In Trouble

Miley Cyrus has definitely got at least one thing going for her – controversy. HipHop DX has named Cyrus 2015's Most Misunderstood Rebel. It's true that Miley Cyrus has always been in the spotlight, growing up with celebrity parents and gaining a celebrity status of her own early in her life.

But, while Miley Cyrus was once Disney's pure and wholesome Hannah Montana, she has taken to a level of self-expression that astounds everyone and disgusts many. She has been compared to Madonna and that seems to be an apt comparison. Both are bold women who enjoy acting out their controversial ideas onstage, and both are also skilled businesspeople.

Cyrus also has a giving, humanitarian side, one that has seen her work with the Stand Up To Cancer organization in 2008 and has also been responsible for her involvement with Disney's Friends For Change organization.

However, most people only see her wild side. NME reports that Miley Cyrus ended the final concert of her Dead Petz tour by performing "The Flaming Lips." Cyrus donned prosthetic breasts and a prosthetic penis and was joined onstage by Pamela Anderson. Check out the performance.

The Dead Petz tour was for her newest album, Miley Cyrus & Her Dead Petz, and it was inspired by the death of her dog, Floyd. According to The Daily Beast, Cyrus had an experience after her dog died, which allowed her to engage in the creative process of writing.

"This is going to sound crazy, (but a Chinese healer) sent me into a state where my dog was lifted out of my lungs and placed on my shoulder... I pet my dog for like three hours."
Despite her humanitarian and pet-loving side, Miley Cyrus seems to bring out the worst in people's behavior, even those in the Air Force. Air Force Times reports that three instructor pilots have had their flight status given back to them after being suspended for sending text messages containing some of Cyrus' lyrics that referenced drug use.

Apparently the references to pop culture were misconstrued. The decision was made by the Air Force, where Air Education and Training Commander Lt. Gen. Darryl Roberson said that there was not sufficient evidence of drug use misconduct. But, he did feel there was enough evidence to prove unbecoming conduct, unprofessional relationships, and obstruction of justice.

"It is critical that we maintain standards of professional behavior in a training environment. Notwithstanding the determinations regarding drug use, the reviews made clear that acceptable standards of conduct were not always maintained. We demand all airmen serve with integrity and professionalism and hold airmen whose actions fall short of Air Force standards fully accountable."
Miley Cyrus' influence has certainly infiltrated the lives of many people, and apparently even some of the top institutions in the U.S. Many have wondered how Miley Cyrus spent her time during the holidays, but we do know that, according to The Indian Express, her favorite aspect of the holidays is that it's an excuse to indulge in food.
"When you're a kid the presents are so exciting, but as you get older its feels kind of odd that they're giving me presents, so then it's just an eating excuse."
Daily Mail reports that Miley Cyrus snapped some pics of herself dressed as an elf during her Christmas celebrations, and that she also posted a pic of herself with her mom.

Then, there was the ugly Christmas sweater pic.

But, Miley Cyrus has only updated Instagram twice in 2016, with both posts being strange at the least.

First there was the photo of the stick insect with no caption.

And then there's the pic of her "#1 fan."

It will be very interesting to see what 2016 brings for Miley Cyrus.

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]