‘Days Of Our Lives’ Spoilers: Hope Confronts Stefano, Brady Struggles, Chad And Abigail Grow Stronger, And Chloe Returns

Days of Our Lives spoilers detail that Friday’s episode is slated to be an explosive one. Viewers watched on Thursday as Hope headed to the DiMera mansion, intent on confronting Stefano. In addition, Chad and Abigail have reunited, though he confided in Belle to a great extent about what had been happening. Daniel passed away, but Brady got his heart. Where are things headed in the January 8 episode?

According to She Knows Soaps, many in Salem will be working through the aftermath of Daniel’s death. Maggie made the difficult decision to give Brady Daniel’s heart, rather than have it go to Eric, and Days of Our Lives spoilers share that during Friday’s show, Brady will be learning the details of all that has taken place and he will be quite shaken.

While Eric was said to have more time and options than Brady, he is still in very serious condition. Roman and Marlena will be quite worried about his condition in Friday’s show. Will Eric recover? It sounds like it will be a long road, but there is a reason to hope.

Days of Our Lives spoilers have detailed that Greg Vaughan will be leaving the role of Eric Brady, but that is not expected to happen until spring. In addition, it seems that Eric will leave town, but the door will remain open for the character’s return at some point.

Also ahead on Friday’s show, Chloe returns to Salem and she has Parker in tow, though actor Evan Krunchev will now be in the role. The return of Chloe and Parker certainly makes sense in the wake of Daniel’s death, and Days of Our Lives spoilers note that Chloe will spend some time connecting with Nicole in their shared heartbreak. While Chloe will be back for just a short time right now, Nadia Bjorlin is returning to the show for a regular, ongoing stint very soon.

As for Hope and that arrival at the DiMera mansion, there is plenty more on that front in this episode. There is a major confrontation on the way between Hope and Stefano in Friday’s show. Rafe has been quite worried about Hope’s determination to make someone pay for Bo’s kidnapping, and she is taking some big risks here.

As Celeb Dirty Laundry details, Hope goes into this confrontation ready to push Stefano quite hard, as she has her gun and an immense amount of determination. There have been a lot of rumors swirling that Joseph Mascolo, the actor who has played Stefano on-and-off since 1982, is on the brink of leaving the show for good.

Mascolo has cut his schedule back quite a bit in recent months, and the buzz has been that he may be ready to retire from the role for good. While Days of Our Lives has had many significant departures and returns in recent months, confirmation on this one has been a bit more elusive. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, this developing battle with Hope could spell the end of Stefano.

This episode seemingly brings about some happy moments for one couple, surely Chad and Abigail. Days of Our Lives spoilers tease that someone takes a big step forward in a relationship and the buzz is that Chad will be proposing to Abby on Monday’s show. Fans have been anxious to see happy times for “Chabby,” though news has recently come out indicating that big changes are ahead for Abigail in May or June that could shake things up for this couple again.

There is plenty more drama ahead, as Daniel’s loved ones work on moving forward and Chad and Abigail focus on rebuilding their life together. Stay tuned for additional Days of Our Lives spoilers as the drama continues in Salem.

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