Howard Stern Says You’re A ‘Rotting Corpse’ If You Don’t Listen To His Show

Howard Stern has inked a new five-year contract with SiriusXM Satellite Radio that finally includes plans to add streaming videos to his four-hour daily radio program, according to USA Today.

With details about the video streaming of The Howard Stern Show yet to be announced, the host of the show announced the news live on his show in December 2015. In a 12-year licensing deal with Howard Stern’s production company, SiriusXM receives rights to video and audio material from the host’s 30-year radio career and plans “to launch its first venture into video programming with Howard.”

After Howard Stern announced the news live on his show, SiriusXM shares skyrocketed 5 percent when markets opened. At noon, the stock was up 2.75 percent to $4.11, as reported by Variety.

Howard Stern also recently signed a separate deal with Lloyd Braun’s Whalerock Industries to launch an online service for the 61-year-old radio veteran. The deal led to speculation that Stern would sign under a direct-to-consumer option if SiriusXM wasn’t ready to renew the deal.

But it seems that SiriusXM has made great efforts to prevent Howard Stern from launching a separate online service with the help of adding the video component to the show and including 12-year library rights into the new deal.

Howard Stern announced during the show that he and SiriusXM CEO Jim Meyer are soon to have a baby (referring to the streaming video service).

“I am living a dream here on satellite radio and Jim Meyer is my life partner and the baby we are about to have is our new streaming video app.”

Howard Stern earlier teased his listeners that they could soon be listening to his last show, but then came the announcement about the new deal with SiriusXM, which allowed his fans to breathe a sigh of relief, according to Variety.

Expressing his excitement for the future with SiriusXM, Howard Stern revealed that as a broadcaster, it “doesn’t get any better” than working with such a great company.

“I happen to think that its best days are ahead.”

And all those who are not listening to SiriusXM and The Howard Stern Show, the radio veteran considers to be “a zombie, a rotting corpse monster, living half a life, deadened and blackened inside.” Stern continued this rather harsh joke by saying that without his show, it’s like you’re still watching black-and-white television “while shopping in actual stores on your way to the post office to fax a memo.”

Earlier in 2015, Howard Stern completed his four-season contract as a judge on NBC’s summer talent show America’s Got Talent. It was through Stern’s help that SiriusXM has built its subscriber base to nearly 33 million in the United States and Canada.

SiriusXM, which is controlled by John Malone’s Liberty Media, offers its free trial programming in seven out of every 10 new cars sold in North America, and Howard Stern has largely contributed to attracting his listeners to sign up as paying customers.

Howard Stern recently had a lively interview with John Stamos, and late last year had a revealing chat with Tina Fey regarding a certain four-letter word.

30 Rock’s Tina Fey revealed on Howard Stern’s show that an unnamed fellow writer once called her a “c***,” according to Philly. After the incident, the comedian even wrote a 30 Rock episode titled “The C Word,” in which her character is called all kinds of things for being too strict with her staff.

During her interview with Howard Stern, Fey also spoke of her late father, revealing how guilty she felt throwing around the C word.

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