Adele Is So Popular That Only Elvis Himself Can Top Her

Adele’s 2015 hit song “Hello” has been covered by many celebrities and musicians, but perhaps none have done quite as well as Celine Dion. People reports that on New Year’s Eve, while performing in Las Vegas, Dion introduced the song in a fun way.

“If I may, I would like Adele to be part of our New Year’s Eve. Don’t panic, she’s not in the building. … Do we need to change the battery in my microphone? It kind of lost it a bit. Adele, hello? Hello?”

To say that Dion killed it would be an understatement. While no one can sing it like Adele, it’s clear Celine Dion has no trouble belting out the popular song.

Adele certainly had a big year with her new album, 25. Entertainment Weekly reports that 25 is officially the best-selling album of 2015, according to Billboard‘s charts. That’s pretty impressive, considering Adele just released the album in November, 2015, with fewer than two months of sales in 2015.

However, “Hello,” while wildly popular, did not claim the number one spot. In fact, according to NME, “Hello” came in sixth overall for singles released in 2015; but, again, Adele only released the album in November and it will be interesting to see how the song does in 2016.

What about the man in the video for the famous Adele song “Hello”? According to The New York Post, that man is Tristan Wilds. Now Wilds is now set to play DeeVee in The Breaks, a movie about the history of hip hop. Wilds says he can relate to his character.

“I can relate to [DeeVee] because he does not take no for an answer. He’s headstrong, and his love for hip hop is an ingrained tenacity that makes him go for what he wants.”

As for Adele, her success with 25 has led the booking of a six-concert tour in North America and she is now also a favorite to claim the top spot as headliner of England’s Glastonbury Festival. When it comes to her North American tour, tickets for every concert sold out within minutes of going on sale.

E! Online reported in mid-December that fans were outraged that there were website issues that prevented them from getting the tickets they wanted. However, Adele wanted fans to have the best possible chance to get tickets and to keep those tickets away from scalpers, so she went through Songkick, a service that allows a musician to sell concert tickets through their website and fan sites. Adele’s manager describes the decision to use Songkick.

“By selling the highest number of tickets we were able to through our own channels, and working with Songkick and their technology, we have done everything within our power to get as many tickets as possible in the hands of the fans who have waited for years to see her live.”

Even with all these efforts, there were still many disappointed fans. That’s the level of fame Adele has reached. But, if 25 has been so wildly popular, is anything going to overtake it anytime soon? As it turns out, Elvis Presley’s new orchestral album If I Can Dream is quickly catching up. Yes, even though he passed away decades ago, the King can still influence the charts.

Despite the competition, Adele has staying power. The songs from 25 will continue to light up the charts through 2016, even as she takes to the road to perform live for her adoring fans.

[Photos by Kevin Winter/Getty Images, Sascha Steinbach/Getty Images]