The Revolt Of The Politically Incorrect

The revolt of the politically incorrect is like a tidal wave of regurgitated items that have been shoved down every American throat for over a quarter of a century. A massive overdose of political correctness has caused this backlashing wave in the form of a revolt of the politically incorrect.

Donald Trump, Ben Carson, and the Revolt of the Politically Incorrect

Daniel Henninger had quite a rant on the opinion section of The Australian today titled “Donald Trump, Ben Carson and the revolt of the politically incorrect.” His frustrated thesis statement is very well put.

“Donald Trump and indeed Ben Carson popped the valves on pressure that’s been building in the U.S., piece by politically correct piece, for 25 years. Since at least the early 1990s, a lot of the public has been intimidated into keeping its mouth shut and head down about subjects in the political and social life of the country that the elites stipulated as beyond discussion or dispute. Eventually, the most important social skill in America became adeptness at euphemism.”

The Christian Southern Republican Base Is Provoked to Revolt

Christians now identify with the Revolt of Politically Incorrect
Christians now identify with the Revolt of Politically Incorrect;image via ShutterStock]

Going a bit deeper, the politically correct standards are weighted against poor, Christian, and less formally educated whites that make up the broad support base of the Republican party. Political correctness is stacked against grassroots Christian conservatives. PC protects blacks but not Hispanics, and all politically correct people feel free to absolutely despise poor southern whites, without any sort of PC rule to protect them.

PC protects drug addicts and punishes smokers. It protects wealthy alcoholics but pokes fun at the poor, beer-drinking kind. It protects gays, but not women. It protects Muslims at the expense of women, and Christians. It protects every minority religion but provokes Christians and the poor at every turn. In a country that is over 70 percent Christian, 75 percent poor, and 51 percent female, it doesn’t set well.

In thinly-veiled class-ism, PC protects transgender people, but not fat people. It discriminates against people from the southern United States who could never quite wrap our minds around PC and end up being perpetually politically incorrect. Being polite makes perfect sense to them, but being selectively polite doesn’t. It is easier for them to be politically incorrect, especially when one is expected to be polite to people who hate them for being white, southern, smokers, fat, poor, homeless, working class, male and not gay, and all else that applies. It is no wonder the Republican grassroots base is following a Revolt of the Politically Incorrect. Many poor and rural Democrats also agree that PC is getting out of hand and alienating them from their party.

In the presidential election campaign, the Revolt of the Politically Incorrect is surging Donald Trump over the top of the polls, despite the fact he is saying all the wrong things, or perhaps because he is saying all the wrong things.

Ben Carson Speaks on the Revolt of the Politically Incorrect

Ben Carson is following the Donald’s lead, with anti-PC speech as well, and it is definitely working for him too. He just doesn’t get enough air time. Donald, on the other hand, has strong media ties and gets plenty of opportunities to say bad, socially unacceptable things, so, of course, he is more popular.

While the Donald is deliberately ignoring all the politically correct rules, Ben Carson is attacking it head on. April Siese, in her article on Bustle, obviously doesn’t get Carson’s politically incorrect point at all. Carson is actually talking about leading a revolt of the politically incorrect, rather than just leading by example, like Trump. In Cincinnati, waiting to speak before a rally, Carson went on a tirade about how political correctness was ruining this country.

“The only way we fix that is fix the P.C. culture in our country, which only can listen to one narrative, and if it doesn’t fit their philosophy, then they have to try to ascribe some motive to it to make it fit. That’s how we fix it. We fix America, and we get people to actually start listening and be capable of understanding what is the principles of our country and our Constitution and stop trying to fit everything into a P.C. model.”

April Siese Doesn’t Understand Why Anyone Would Revolt Against PC

In her classic politically correct yet totally incorrect way of missing Carson’s point, April Siese concludes her article by hoping Carson will change and come around to the correct way of thinking and speaking.

“Someday in the future, it is my hope and prayer that the emphasis on political correctness will decrease and we will start emphasizing rational discussion of differences so we can actually resolve problems and chart a course that is inclusive of everyone.”

Mr. Henninger Points Out That the PC Standards are Indeed Very Elitist

“The left goes nuts when anyone suggests political correctness has totalitarian roots. But the PC game has always been: We win, you lose, get over it, comply. But people don’t get over it, and they never forget. For a lot of voters now, possibly a majority, their experiences with enforceable, politically correct behavior, speech and thought have bred a broad mistrust of elites.”

The Revolt of Politically Incorrect is about Freedom of Speech. The very people who condemn everyone else for being dogmatic and prejudiced are themselves the most dogmatic and opinionated of all.
The Revolt of Politically Incorrect is about Freedom of Speech. The very people who condemn everyone else for being dogmatic and prejudiced are themselves the most dogmatic and opinionated of all. [image via Shutter Stock]

Political correct standards seem heartless to the poor and disenfranchised despite the benevolent appearance of the politically correct movement. Political correctness is completely unfair to the average person trying to survive in the recession. The politically correct are reminiscent of Marie Antoinette and her famous “let them eat cake” speech.

People have lost their jobs and their homes, and one in 10 of the world’s most impoverished people live in America. The rest of the politically correct world goes on, completely oblivious to the poor, the homeless, and the completely disenfranchised. The Democrats, longtime champions of the poor, have turned on them with a vengeance. Those who used to make up the working class, back when jobs were available, make up the backbone of the revolt of the politically incorrect because the victim in the PC story is always someone else, not the poor, the jobless, the starving, and the homeless. Not the people who used to be middle class and are now slipping into poverty, but rather some victim of racism, gender stereotyping, or cyber bullying. No wonder people want to revolt. The whole politically correct game is revolting to even listen to, especially when you are broke, cold and hungry.

Politically Correct Acolytes are Dogmatic and No Fun

On a less dire note, no one can take a joke. Comedians can’t work in peace because some people are so easily offended. PC just isn’t funny. No speakers want to go to colleges anymore because college students are very politically correct and therefore perpetually offended by everything. Teachers and professors can’t even correct student’s papers as they need to anymore because young people are so sensitive. Everyone is walking on eggshells around college students. People are afraid to say what they really think about anything.

Mr. Henninger concludes his very expressive rant with the a very telling analysis. He points out two huge problems facing America and then states that the American people have chosen freedom from PC over any sort of financially profitable or safe choices. It seems to be literally, “Give me liberty from PC or give me death, or maybe give me both,” for Republicans.

“The election’s two big issues remain: a weak economy and global chaos. But for many voters, the revolt against political correctness is on. Hillary Clinton, hostage to a PC-obsessed base, must mouth politically correct pabulum. Donald Trump joy-rides the wave. An opening remains for an electable candidate who can point this revolt toward what it wants — a political win, at last.”

Unfortunately, it will take more than an election to solve this problem. Perhaps it would be best to try giving a condescending eye roll, instead of pretending to swallow all that PC propaganda. If you are online a lot, get those eye roll emoticons and use them — a lot. In closing, it is clear that politically correct acolytes and the raving mobs enlisted in the Revolt of the Politically Incorrect will clash. May the battle go to the most fed up.

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