Future’s Twitter Rant Backfires — A ‘Ciara’ Source Says That Future’s Lying

Future’s Twitter rant may have backfired in his face. Just when he thought he might have put Ciara on blast for bad parenting, word on the street is that Future’s lying within his Twitter posts.

A few days ago, Future let go of his emotions via Twitter so the world could see how difficult Ciara had, allegedly, been making it to see his child, Future Zahir. In the Twitter rant, according to People, Future also called Ciara a “b***h” within his series of Twitter posts. However, Future’s Twitter doesn’t currently show such ridicule.

Nonetheless, it does show the rest of his message. Essentially, Future told the world that he hasn’t been able to see his son because of Ciara-based restrictions. However, the celebrity news source states that Future is using this situation for personal and professional gain. Supposedly, according to the “Ciara” source, Future’s Twitter rant has been just an attempt to promote his music via his ex’s iconic name.

I been silent for a year & a half..I ran outta patience

— FUTURE/FREEBANDZ (@1future) January 4, 2016

However, when it comes to matters of the heart, emotions can make a person show varying degrees of irrationality. This could explain him blasting Twitter with personal matters, no? While Future claims that he pays $15,000 per month in child support, People‘s anonymous source says that the “Low Life” rapper hasn’t once paid that much in child support, let alone “to see his son.”

As a sidenote, no pun was intended in the last statement. “Low Life” is the latest song the rapper recently released with The Weeknd. Feel free to listen to the track below.

Disclaimer: The following song contains explicit lyrics. Discretion is advised.

The source mentions that Ciara has never kept Future from seeing Zahir — and, also, that his Twitter rant is “just not true.” Yet, the source states as follows.

“He is jealous she has moved on and is happy. He is unable to move on and co-parent in a healthy way. Future has told her he hopes she fails in everything she does and that’s just being evil.”

The thing is, regardless of relationship status, men can be territorial. And sometimes, men might say that they want their exes to be happy, in the bliss of the moment. However, when it actually happens without them, emotions tend to get involved. It’s unprofessional that he would take it to Twitter, though.

Yet again, those same individuals become “offended.” But, unfortunately (or fortunately), just because a person takes offense to a statement, it doesn’t mean that the person is “right.” It could very well be the truth, and a man can still be hurt and offended. It’s all in the ego.

People magazine previously reported that Future took to Twitter once before concerning his son also. He said that his ex and Russell Wilson needed to keep Zahir out of their relationship, period. Moreover, he mentioned that they were only using his son as publicity — out of which Future also told the couple to keep him.

However, when you take a look at Future’s Twitter feed, does it not resemble a publicity stunt in itself? Is Future not using his son to gain attention via his Twitter presence? While he is a celebrity, why air out his laundry concerning his son in such a way for everyone to see and criticize?

Verbatim, People quotes Future as follows.

“I’m not for the publicity stunts. Leave my son out of the publicity stunts. Just leave him out of your relationship.”

Twitter can’t possibly be Future’s only means of communication with his ex, right? So, if he didn’t want publicity, why not just contact her personally? In that regard, just avoid Twitter altogether.

Likewise, if Future actually wants Ciara to be happy, why does he continue to insinuate rumor-like statements in his songs that could defame Ciara’s faithfulness to Russell?

I jus want babyfuture that’s all.

— FUTURE/FREEBANDZ (@1future) January 4, 2016

When something is posted to Twitter, it’s there for life — well, the life of the website. And with Future’s celebrity status, even if he posts something for a few minutes, it will have made it around the world and back by the time he decides to delete it.

But after a while, the “world” also gets it wrong — especially on Twitter and other social media outlets. Future’s ex said it best, as reports the same source. Basically, Ciara said that “at the end of the day, my son will be the one that’s affected the most out of this. I think people have to think about that versus just shouting out things.”

People tend to make derogatory comments on issues, even when they don’t necessarily know the whole story — that includes Future as well. As reports People, she continued as follows.

“To speak on such a sensitive and real situation when you don’t have all the facts, that to me is the frustrating part of it all because again, us adults will be fine, but my son has to grow up one day and he has to see.”

Mostly, throughout this ordeal, Future’s ex seems to have stayed quiet while the rapper has constantly spoken ill of the singer and her companion. However, if you look at Ciara’s Twitter account, it looks far different than Future’s.

What do you think? Is Twitter the proper way to go? Do you think Future’s concern is real, or is he hypocritically using the situation as his own publicity? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments.

[Photo by Scott Roth/AP Images]