‘The Revenant’ Actress Grace Dove Reveals What Leonardo DiCaprio Is Really Like

Leonardo DiCaprio is a big name in Hollywood, so it’s only natural for millions of fans to wonder what such a prominent celebrity is like off screen. DiCaprio’s co-star on The Revenant, Grace Dove, has offered a small glimpse of the man behind so many incredibly powerful performances, but he may not be what people expect or assume.

The Revenant Brings Grace Dove Up Close And Personal With Leonardo DiCaprio

Ms. Dove, who plays DiCaprio’s wife in The Revenant, says she tried to go to work without having too many preconceived conceptions about Leonardo. In spite of that, the actress says she couldn’t help but think about the actor’s multifaceted reputation and how beloved he was by millions of fans. As she later found out, his reputation was well deserved.

“I went in there not having too many expectations and I walked out the movie just like, ‘Oh! he’s really a wonderful guy, inside and out.'”

Grace Dove is very new to acting with The Cut (2014), which also happens to be a period piece, being her only other feature film. She recalled getting the call to appear in The Revenant alongside Leonardo while riding down East Vancouver’s Commercial Drive. Grace says she was happily dancing while she drove, and anyone that saw her must have gotten a good laugh.

Of course, they won’t be laughing now with Ms. Dove riding a rising star to the top with her second film. The positive attention received by The Revenant will most certainly bring more film offers to Grace and, if she made as big of an impression on Mr. DiCaprio as he made on her, Ms. Dove may even find herself working with the Titanic star again.

Leonardo DiCaprio Expresses His Relief That Leaders Are Finally Behind Climate Change

Mr. DiCaprio is expressing his relief that our leaders are finally starting to come to some agreement over climate change. The Revenant actor says the assertions of 99 percent of the world’s scientists that mankind is contributing to climate change have fallen on deaf ears for far too long.

“The argument is over. Anyone that doesn’t believe that climate change is happening doesn’t believe in science,” says DiCaprio.

Leonardo has long been a proponent for acting against climate change and for wildlife preservation, having donated millions to multiple environmental causes. He has also addressed the United Nations on the issue of climate change and narrated 2014’s Carbon, a short film that offers suggestions of changes society can make to help preserve our environment.

The U.N. Climate Conference, which concluded last month in Paris, gave Leonardo his more positive outlook on government policy. The Gangs of New York actor may be correct in his assessment, considering almost 200 countries have signed the Paris agreement to make real efforts to curb greenhouse gases. The agreement is significant because previous debates suggested that only wealthy countries should be expected to abide by climate control regulations, while this agreement won’t exempt anyone. The goal of the agreement is to reduce and stabilize greenhouse gas emissions to just two degrees above pre – industrial levels.

“No one has the answer what the future is going to look like, and no one can foresee the dramatic effect that climate instability will have on our planet and the biodiversity in it, but I’m just very proud for the first time we’ve taken a step in the right direction,” Dicaprio said of the agreement struck at the Paris conference.

The United Nations agreement will go into effect in 2020.

The Revenant, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Tom Hardy, Will Poulter, and Grace Dove, is currently showing in theaters.

[Featured image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]