‘Game Of Thrones’ Season 6 Release Date Set: Jon Snow Alive? Natalie Dormer Talks GoT Spoilers [Trailer Video]

The Game Of Thrones season 6 release date has officially been confirmed by HBO, and it is possible to watch the Game Of Thrones trailer video for some insight into the upcoming season. The real question on everyone’s minds is whether Jon Snow is alive, although rumors have been going around for months. Actress Natalie Dormer just jumpstarted the Game Of Thrones spoilers machine since she claims it is possible a Game Of Thrones post will give the entire game away.

In a related report by the Inquisitr, MTV is hoping to compete with Game Of Thrones season 6 with a new TV show based upon Terry Brooks’ Shannara book series. But unlike HBO, which has become slightly infamous for Game Of Thrones‘ sex scenes, the Shannara TV series should be pretty family friendly.

Although we know winter is coming due to the 2016 polar vortex, now GoT fans can truly say that the next phase of the story is ready to come. HBO has officially announced the Game Of Thrones season 6 premiere date for April 24, 2016. This debut is actually a little later in the year compared to the March launch date of other seasons, but we are pretty sure most fans will not mind waiting a single month.

After all, this gives a chance for everyone to scrutinize the Game Of Thrones trailer, analyze every statement made by the actors and actresses, and complain to each other about George R.R. Martin taking forever to finish the book (spoiler alert: the 67-year-old author now says he does not have a deadline!).

Speaking of spoiler alerts, actress Natalie Dormer, who plays Margaery Tyrell on the TV show, had this to say about the new season of Game Of Thrones: Jon Snow’s death (or his The Walking Dead’s Glenn-like aliveness) may have been slightly leaked by the GoT poster that HBO teased fans with. The actress made an appearance on the Jimmy Kimmel Live! show, so of course Kimmel had to ask the big question.

“Do people ask you if Jon Snow is alive all the time?” Kimmel asked.

“It was pretty intense towards the end last year,” Dormer replied. “Now there’s been some posters up that have maybe given a little bit of the game away.”

The poster in question (seen at the top) shows actor Kit Harington as Jon Snow with his face all bloodied, although it is hard to say whether he is dead or alive. At the same time, it is possible Dormer does not know whether the character is dead or not, since she admitted she has stopped reading the scripts for characters who do not interact with Margaery in King’s Landing. If you watch the interview video, you’ll see that sometimes she is surprised when certain Game Of Thrones cast members suddenly show up.

Is Dormer making a vague reference to being surprised at seeing Harington in the makeup trailer? Who knows, but Dormer was certainly more clear when she spoke to E! News about her own character’s fate during Game Of Thrones season 6. The last time audiences saw Margaery, she was imprisoned by Cersei, but apparently that’s not the big problem anymore.

“I can tell you that Margaery’s problem is not Cersei anymore,” she said. “That is kind of a spoiler. I don’t think I’ve said that yet.”

When asked if Margaery escapes by using a prison shank, Dormer just laughed.

“If I could find a sharp thing in that prison cell, then yeah, I’d be doing that to a lot of people,” she said.

As for the upcoming Game Of Thrones season 6 release date, Natalie Dormer also told fans to have patience.

“We’re getting closer and closer,” she says. “We’re months away now, as opposed to half a year when the questions started being asked, so the end’s in sight. April, guys. Hold on, just hold on.”

[Image via HBO]