Nancy Grace Insists Steven Avery Is Guilty, Shares Her Reasons

Nancy Grace is livid and speaking out about the new Netflix documentary Making A Murderer. Nancy doesn’t have nice things to say about Steven Avery and feels like he targeted the victim, Teresa Halbach, and that authorities do have the right man behind bars. After this show started airing, a lot of people feel like Steven Avery could be innocent, but Nancy Grace is sure that he is the one who killed her. Radar Online actually spoke with Nancy Grace and found out what she had to say about it all.


Nancy started out explaining that she isn’t the only one who thinks Steven is guilty and that a jury thinks the same thing.

“It doesn’t matter what I think. It matters what a jury thinks and I agree with the jury. I believe Steven Avery brutally murdered Teresa Halbach. I have watched the show. I kept waiting for them to tell the truth. That never happened. Her DNA was on a bullet that was forensically tested and was fired from his weapon that was hanging above his bed. His DNA, his sweat, was under the hood of Teresa’s car. You can’t get a warrant for sweat. You can for blood, hair, fingerprints but not sweat.”

Nancy Grace went on to explain the details of why she thinks that Steven Avery is guilty. Her tooth was allegedly found on Avery’s property, and, as Grace explains, several of her things, including her cell phone, were found burned on the property. Nancy Grace thinks that this is just too much evidence for the police to have planted it all.

Actually, back in 2005, Nancy Grace got the chance to speak to Steven Avery, and she didn’t believe his side of the story back then. Avery did admit to her that Teresa was at his home that day. Grace is certain that Avery is the one that murdered Teresa.


HLN TV also shared a video where Nancy Grace talks about how she knows that Steven Avery is guilty. Nancy is talking about all of the evidence that shows that he is guilty. Nancy is convinced the right man is behind bars and that he lured Teresa to his place. She talks about how Steven threw a cat over a fire, which of course does show that he isn’t perfect. Nancy even mentioned that Steven allegedly called asking for Teresa to come to his house by blocking his number and using a different name. She can’t understand why he wouldn’t just tell the truth if there was nothing planned.

While Steven Avery was in prison for another crime he actually didn’t commit, he allegedly talked about how he wanted to make a torture chamber when he got out of jail. Avery allegedly said that he would rape, torture, and kill women in this chamber.

Nancy Grace just doesn’t see any way that the police would murder this woman and do all of this stuff. It would be a huge cover up, and Nancy is certain that it didn’t happen.

Do you agree with Nancy Grace that Steven Avery was the one who killed Teresa? What makes you think he is innocent or guilty of this crime? Sound off in the comments section below on your thoughts, and if you haven’t seen it yet, check out Making A Murderer on Netflix.

[Photo by Frazier Harrison/Getty Images]