‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Patrick, Robin, And Emma Say Farewell To Port Charles After Emotional Scrubs Wedding

It was a bittersweet ending to a wonderful 10 years of a favorite General Hospital couple. The wedding of Patrick and Robin Drake was the beginning of the end for viewers who have watched this couple’s sweet love story through the years. They left Port Charles, along with daughter Emma, right after they got hitched and walked off into the sunset.

It was a very small intimate ceremony and was put together at the very last minute before they took off to their new home in California. The reason why it all happened so quickly was to get the Drake family storyline wrapped up so actor Jason Thompson could leave his role as Dr. Patrick Drake on General Hospital and move into his new gig as Billy Abbott on The Young and the Restless.

Robin Scorpio Drake (Kimberly McCullough) looked perfect for her remarriage to the love of her life, as seen in Twitter photos of the bride. Wearing a sleeveless blue dress, she was walked “down the aisle” by parents Robert and Anna. It was a casual affair setting in the Drake home with Carly, Sonny, Elizabeth, Maxie, Mac, Felicia, and even Jason in attendance. Mac officiated after he got an internet certificate that he drummed up “quicker than toasting raisin bread.”

Emma, who served as the flower girl, was super excited that her family is back together. No more potential stepmoms for her. Of course, both Sam and Sabrina didn’t seem to get an invite. It may have been a little awkward to have Sam there considering that just a month ago she was going to marry Patrick. It really would have been nice to have Sabrina there though, as she has been a friend to both Patrick and Emma. But then again, she may be taking it easy with the baby scare this week with being rushed to the hospital, and it was mostly very close friends who have known this General Hospital couple for years.

As the ceremony began, Patrick told Robin about getting second chances. He told her that she makes him a better person and a better father. Robin told Patrick about how she had her past memories of them while she was gone. Now that she is back, she said how lucky she is and that she will now be adding more memories. Their official vows, however, were not to each other but to Emma. Her daddy started it off.

“I vow to you to do everything in my power to give you a great life in California. I know it’s going to be different for all of us, but there is so much to see and explore in California and we get to do that as a family.”

Her mom gave her this promise, considering she missed quite a bit of Emma’s life already.

“I vow to never leave you again. I promise you right now that your life is going to be so boring!”

Actress Kimberly McCullough was tweeting on Thursday crying right along with viewers as they said goodbye to their favorite General Hospital family. She had this to say about the vows with Emma.

“When I first read the script with the vows, I was like “no you didn’t!” Dang writers trying break my heart.”

After the rings were put on, they were pronounced husband and wife — again. They had chocolate cake, and then went on to say their emotional goodbyes to everyone. Robin and Carly were actually civil to each other. Carly was grateful to have Jason back and she thanked Robin for that. They ended in a hug. Imagine that!

Jason confessed to Robin that he had a memory of her from their past. It’s really too bad that Kimberly McCullough is leaving General Hospital again because she and Billy Miller seem to have a great chemistry on screen as she did with the old Jason Morgan, Steve Burton. It would have been fun to have those two share in their past history some more.

Anna was very emotional having to say goodbye to her family, as seen in the ABC clip. The plane ticket that she gave Emma could be significant in that General Hospital fans are hoping that actress Brooklyn Rae Silzer will be able to come back to the soap once in a while for a visit. Viewers are keeping their fingers crossed because that little girl is so well loved by everyone.

You have to wonder why Cameron did not come with Elizabeth to the wedding to say goodbye. Emma was his “girlfriend” and that would have added to the high emotions. Also, where was Spencer? He was finally seeing Emma as more of a friend lately and was basically his only friend his own age. He may be quite upset that she left town without saying goodbye, at least not onscreen.

What did you think of the wedding and the farewell to the Drake family?

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[Photo by Frank Valentini Twitter.]