'The Bachelor' 2016 Episode 2 Preview Shows Bobbing For Apples As The Dates Start [Video]

It is almost time for episode 2 of The Bachelor 2016 and a new preview video is sharing some great spoilers about what to expect. The Bachelor, with Ben Higgins, will be showing the first dates next week. ABC recently shared the new preview on their site and now viewers can't wait to see it all go down on The Bachelor 2016, week 2. In this preview, Ben Higgins has a group date where they are in a classroom. Chris Harrison will say that Ben loves apples, then Ben compares the red apples to his heart. The Bachelor is doing a date that they have never done before with this one.

On this episode of The Bachelor, the girls rush in to try to bob for apples. Jackie and Becca are two that are noticed for sure. Whoever gets the apple is supposed to pass it to their partner. The thing is, contestants can't use their hands. JoJo's partner is yelling for her to "Go!" Ben Higgins says that he thinks it is really attractive that these women are putting themselves out there. Jackie has a bit of trouble trying to get the apple with the bachelor right in her face watching her. This may be something Ben thinks is cute, but regardless, Jackie is going to be embarrassed when she watches this episode of The Bachelor.

Reality Steve went ahead and shared all of the spoilers about how it is all going to go down on The Bachelor 2016 in episode 2. Steve said that the teams on this group date are Jubilee/Lace, Jen/L.B., Mandi/Amber, Becca/JoJo, and Lauren H./Jackie. The girls will also have to make a volcano erupt on this group date on The Bachelor. It is all about going back to school on The Bachelor. They will even have to locate states on a blank map. Ben will end up giving one of the girls on the date a rose, and it will go to JoJo Fletcher, making her an early favorite on The Bachelor.

Caila Quinn will get a one-on-one date this week on The Bachelor with Ben Higgins. This will be all about the movie Ride Along 2 and promoting it right before it comes out in theaters. They do get the chance to meet Ice Cube and Kevin Hart. Those guys probably never thought they would be on The Bachelor during their careers, but here they are with the bachelor Ben Higgins on a date. She will get the rose from Ben on The Bachelor episode 2.

There is one more group date this week on The Bachelor. They will do some kind of weird test about who is the most compatible with Ben. The reality is that they are half naked for it, though. Ben will give a rose to Olivia on this date, and of course she is happy to take it. Four girls don't even get dates on The Bachelor this week and three girls will end up getting sent home.

Are you excited to see how it all goes down on The Bachelor 2016 on episode 2? Do you think that Ben is making the right choices with his roses? Sound off in the comments on your thoughts about Ben Higgins as The Bachelor and don't miss new episodes on Monday nights on ABC, which is followed by Bachelor Live. Viewers can't wait to see who Ben Higgins picks in the end, and if he finds love this season on The Bachelor.

[Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images]