Keegan-Michael Key Of ‘Key & Peele’ Files For Divorce From Wife Of 17 Years

Actor Keegan-Michael Key reportedly filed for divorce from Cynthia Blaise, his wife of 17 years, in late December.

According to TMZ, the Key & Peele star filed the necessary documents on New Year’s Eve.

Even though the couple has no children, Keegan-Michael Key made a request within the documents to the spousal support issue addressed by the court at a later date.

According to Hour Detroit, Keegan-Michael Key and Cynthia Blaise first met each other at the Detroit Repertory Theatre. They even worked alongside one another on an independent feature-length film together. Blaise previously worked at Wayne State University as a voice and speech teacher in addition to her acting opportunities throughout the Detroit area.

Key and Blaise became husband and wife in December of 1998.

In a June, 2015, interview with Cosmopolitan, Keegan Michael-Key and his Key & Peele co-star Jordan Peele opened up about their bromance and hit show.

Keegan-Michael Key
(Photo Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Both Keegan-Michael and Jordan were asked to explain the advice that they would give the younger versions of themselves about women if it was possible to do so. Key, who was the only person married between the two of them, spoke up about his wife and what he had learned about treating women in general.

“When your significant other asks you to do something, men call that nagging, but you guys are actually looking for a certain intimacy. My wife says, ‘The sexiest thing is when I ask you to do something, I come home, and it’s done.’ We think it’s just because we did it. But what you guys love is, ‘Oh sh*t, he listened!’ Also, sometimes you’ve got to treat your wife or girlfriend like a stranger. You would never be rude to a stranger.”

The comedic duo was told by the interviewer that they were very compatible as a couple; it was essentially as if they were married to one another. However, while Keegan-Michael Key confirmed that he and Jordan did share their vows with one another, the vows apparently had nothing to do with their own friendship and compatibility.

In his own words, Key explained that their “I Dos” were to comedy instead of one another. He further stated that one of their vows “has been to forsake all others for comedy” — meaning their egos, not actual people. He then mentioned the need to ask yourself such questions as “Am I being petty?” and “Why am I arguing?” — the same questions he claims are asked in a marriage.

The series finale of the hit sketch comedy series Key & Peele aired in September of 2015 after five seasons and over 50 episodes. Quite a few fans and critics did not hesitate to express their reactions to the show’s seemingly abrupt ending on Twitter.

Even though fans had to bid farewell to Key & Peele, both Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele are still making waves in Hollywood away from their Comedy Central series.

Keegan-Michael Key, for instance, was featured in several movies last year — including Tomorrowland, Pitch Perfect 2, and Vacation. He also has several movies lined up for release in 2016, such as The Angry Birds Movie and Keanu — an American comedy that will reunite Keegan and Jordan on the big-screen in leading roles.

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