‘Party Down South’ Is Over, Series Will End After Season 5 Airs

Party Down South was controversial when it first began airing on CMT. There were a lot of comments about what the show portrayed and how it would give a bad name to people who lived in the South. While Party Down South did show some questionable things throughout the last four seasons, it was definitely a huge hit for the network. All but one original cast member has partied every season, and all of them remain friendly on their down time. The stars have remained active on social media and have taken the time to speak with and get to know many of their fans. The news of Party Down South ending isn’t shocking, but fans are sad.

Season 5 of Party Down South will be airing at the end of this month, and it will be the exit of the series as well. While it was announced that the cast would be back for a vacation in Georgia, the news of it being the final season was just released. According to Entertainment Weekly, Party Down South was supposed to begin airing today but has since been pushed back to Jan. 28. Thursday night is the night for CMT to air the show and, sometimes, the after party. The final show will air on April 7 with a reunion of the cast to air the following week. Fans are wondering why the Party Down South was axed now, and what the cast members plan to do without their vacations.

Spoilers for Party Down South have been released along with teaser trailers. Season 4 of Party Down South showed Lyle propose to his girlfriend Santana. She accepted the proposal and the two were slated to be married. Now, there is drama in the house and it surrounds the “happy” couple. Apparently, Tiffany learns that Santana has been unfaithful, and Lyle knows as well. He is torn up, and Tiffany is ready to fight Santana for him. Since there isn’t too much that Tiffany holds back, Party Down South fans know this is a big deal. Could this be a repeat of the Season 4 premiere when Tiffany and Hott Dogg went to blows with one another?

It appears that Party Down South will end without an appearance from Taylor Wright (Lil Bit). Fans were hoping that since Wright was a big part of the early success of the show in the beginning, she would be invited back for a reunion. Despite the awkwardness between the cast members, it would be nice to have everyone attend the reunion show that will air at the end. Party Down South became a huge hit for the CMT network, and people fell in love with the cast members.

As Party Down South airs the last vacation of the series, fans will get to see a lot of differences with the cast members. According to CMT, Mattie will find a man who can finally keep up with her. Does this mean he can also handle Martha? Daddy and the guys will be scoping out the women in Savannah, and Lyle will be staying faithful to his girl Santana. Hott Dogg, Lauren, and Tiffany will also be along for the ride, and there is no telling how crazy things will get. The Party Down South cast promises a season of fun, and that isn’t hard to imagine.

While the final season of Party Down South will be sad for fans, it isn’t shocking. How many more vacations can the crew go on before they are tied down or move on with life? With the situation between Lyle and Santana up in the air, there is no telling what will happen this season. Party Down South was huge for the CMT network, and the final goodbye will be done right.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for CMT]