News Junkies Rejoice: Livestation comes to the Mac

Online television streaming service Livestation has launched a Mac client, bringing free streaming news television to Apple fans.

P2P powered Livestation launched last year as a streaming television platform that offered legal feeds from news services such as the BBC, later adding additional channels including Russia Today, Al Jazeera English, Euronews and France 24. As we covered in July, Livestation took their platform a step further by turning the service into an open streaming platform, allowing users to add their own streams to the player, and for those streams to be shared across the network, for example CNN, NASA TV and Bloomberg are now quickly available from the platform, along with hundreds of other live stream stations.

Upfront there’s nothing remarkable about the Mac client; like the Windows client each channel includes a chat room, and you can search for feeds among user contributions, but where Livestation excels is in a full screen view, where compared to internet streams it offers a rich, nearly perfect television like quality on its officially supported channels.

You can download the Mac or Windows client here.