Baby’s Mother Dies Of Overdose At Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, Father Found With Gun

A very tragic story coming out of Cincinnati today left one woman dead and one man in almost the same state. Police are currently investigating a pair of possible overdoses at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center on Thursday where the mother of a young child ended up dead and the father of the child was found unconscious in the bathroom with a loaded gun.

According to WLWT, the Cincinnati Police Department went out to the Children’s Hospital where a 32-year-old woman was found unresponsive. A short time later, the woman was pronounced dead of a suspected overdose.

She was found dead on the floor by medical staff who came into the room where the couple’s seven-month-old child was being treated. ABC 22 reports that it isn’t known what kind of treatment the child was undergoing, but the family had traveled from Alabama to seek medical attention.

A 31-year-old man was also found in a restroom unconscious after police received a call at 11:34 a.m. on Thursday morning. WCPO is reporting that the man was also suffering from a possible overdose, and he was found with a loaded gun in his possession.

No names have been released, but it is known that the couple was referred to as “mom and dad” by Chief Tom Synan of the Hamilton County Heroin Coalition.

After the man was found unconscious, he was transported to University of Cincinnati Medical Center and later revived.

cincinnati children's hospital overdose
Photographer: Munshi Ahmed/Bloomberg via Getty Images

Investigators are looking into the situation right now and are still checking to see if it was heroin or a different drug involved in the overdoses of both the male and female. Aside from no names being released, the police have also not released the condition of the adult male or the seven-month-old child that was brought into the Cincinnati Children’s for treatment.

Heroin overdoses aren’t exactly something that are necessarily uncommon to the Cincinnati area.

A report from Fox 19 Now back in 2013 stated that the Hamilton Fire Department had responded to 18 drug overdoses in a two-week period. On just one of those days, they responded to five heroin overdoses alone.

EMS worker Tony Houston said at the time that with so many of them, they’re afraid that they won’t be able to make it to all of them.

“Eventually there’s going to come a time when we’re going to be tied up and we’re not going to be able to make it to that person who thinks, ‘They’re there every time so I’ll be OK.”

First responders have said that heroin use is getting to the point where it’s more dangerous than it has ever been before. Some drug users are cutting it with fetanyl for a bigger and better high. EMS workers say that kind of drug use is making it hard to get people breathing again and can make it more difficult to save them.

Narcan is a drug that is used to revive unconscious victims, and EMS coordinator Jennifer Mason said that more and more of it has been needed. Narcan can be used to revive those that are going through a heroin overdose, but too much of the illegal drug may not allow them to come back at all.

Police are still investigating the situation in Cincinnati Children’s Hospital from Thursday morning where a mother died of a drug overdose and the father of a child almost died. It’s not publicly known how the infant currently is or why the father also had a loaded gun on him, but authorities are working on learning all information.

[Image via WCPO]