Chris Soules On Becca Tilley’s ‘The Bachelor’ Return: ‘She’s Gotta Go back For A Second Round?’

Chris Soules may just have thrown not-so-subtle shade towards The Bachelor 2016 contestant Becca Tilley. Back in season 19, Prince Farming had a hard time choosing between Becca and ex-fiancé Whitney Bischoff. After seeing her with Ben Higgins, it seems like old feelings may just have resurfaced.

In an interview with Jimmy Kimmel Live, Soules opened up about how it was like seeing Tilley back on The Bachelor again. The reality star admitted that it was weird seeing her return to the show, trying to win another man’s heart.

“It’s a little weird. I’m not sure, um, apparently I wasn’t enough. She’s gotta go back for a second round?”

Jimmy Kimmel also teased Chris Soules about how he “struck out” with Becca Tilley since the latter was still introduced as “The Virgin” this season. Although the former The Bachelor star just laughed it off, Starpulse claimed that he looked absolutely awkward in the interview.

The outlet recounted how Soules had a hard time letting go of Tilley during the Final Rose episode.

“I love the way I feel when I’m with Becca. She makes me happy. We’ve come this far together because I can see myself marrying her. I hope I’m making the right call but seeing her, I’m not sure what I’m gonna do,” Soules said

The Bachelor star has always been very vocal about how he felt towards Tilley. He thought that she was the one he will eventually spend his life with. Chris Soules shared that they had this amazing connection since day one.

“There’s really never a moment that I had doubts with what I saw between you and me [Tilley], the potential that we can make an incredible life together. I know I can see you as being my wife but you’re not really ready.

In the end, Chris said that he had to “go with his gut” and chose Whitney Bischoff. He proposed to her during the final episode of The Bachelor season 19.

After being engaged for two months, the couple decided to end their relationship back in May. In a joint statement, via Us Weekly, Chris Soules and Whitney Bischoff said that, in spite of the relationship not working out, they had “nothing but respect and admiration” for each other. They also thanked the fans for supporting them on The Bachelor.

In the season 20 premiere episode, Bischoff admitted that she has started seeing someone new. The reality star described her new beau as a “great man,” adding that she never felt happier in her entire life.

Oh hey yall! It's been a awhile... Happy 2016 ????

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On the other hand, Chris Soules may not be getting that much luck in the dating pool. He admitted that he has not met anyone since the breakup. When asked if he has taken an interest in any of The Bachelor season 20 contestants, Soules admitted that he found some of them cute.

I mean, come on! How can we pick just one #wcw?! #gorgeous #stunners

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“There’s a couple. Amanda, she’s kinda cute but I haven’t seen much about, I don’t know much about this girl yet,” Soules said.

Jimmy Kimmel hinted that Chris should try going on Tinder. The host, however, joked that since he is still in the “godforsaken town where there are no people,” he may find a hard time finding a girlfriend.

“There’s a chicken enthusiast and a cowgirl this season. Where the hell are those women during your year? That would have been perfect for you!” he added.

Watch Jimmy Kimmel’s hilarious interview with Chris Soules below. Tune in for more The Bachelor updates and spoilers.

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