Conan O’Brien ‘Rides Along’ With Ice Cube And Kevin Hart In Hilarious Bit

Watching Conan O’Brien, Kevin Hart, and Ice Cube teach a student how to drive is something fans could do all day. In his most recent bit, Conan decides to teach one of his staff members how to drive.

All goes well for the first three minutes with only some relatively harmless shenanigans happening. But after Conan tells Diana Chang that he’s picking up two of his friends, the camera cuts and we get our first glimpse of Kevin Hart and Ice Cube climbing into the backseat together.

Kevin initially rejects having to put his seatbelt on, but Cube quips back that “Hey, 2pac was one of the biggest thugs I know, and he always wore his seatbelt.”

The trio engages in a lot of funny conversations, touching on topics such as drive-by’s, what it means to be a thug, and each other’s dating preferences.

Ice Cube even jokes about throwing batteries at cars who cut him off back in the day. Instead of throwing batteries, Conan and the others pressure Diana to throw a penny at a car that just cut her off.

At one point Kevin Hart taunts the driver of the car next to him.

“This penny has your name on it man! I was about to throw this penny at you!”

The bit culminates in their visit to a local weed dispensary. Seconds later Ice Cube and Diana are both seen in the backseat enjoying their purchase, and Conan’s comments suggest he was catching a bit of a contact.

“Suddenly all my anxieties and fears are gone,” says Conan, right before running a red light in front of a cop. “I’m gonna break the law with a lot of weed on me.

“I broke the law in front of this policeman.”

Yahoo News reports Ice Cube and Kevin Hart were doing the bit for their upcoming film Ride Along 2. CBS caught up with Ice Cube for the premiere, and he elaborated on why he thought the first film did so well.

“This franchise works because of the chemistry between me and Kevin,” said Ice Cube, “and the storyline and everyone can relate to a brother hating his sister’s fiancé.”

Kevin Hart also had a few things to say at the premiere. “Now, listen, people,” he said. “These things feed off energy so lose your uppity attitude. Put yourself in a mood to have a good time. And do what you best —talk about it… Positively!”

Benjamin Bratt, the villain of the film, said that “It was hard to keep a straight face with Kevin around. You play opposite against him, and he’s very improvisational — he experiments moment to moment so you never know what you’re gonna get.”

Cube finished it up by saying how proud he was of the film.

“We’re extremely proud of this movie. We had a great time. We worked extremely hard.”

Ride Along 2 is in theaters everywhere on January 15, 2016. There’s no news about a third one just yet, but given the success of the first and the chemistry of Ice Cube and Kevin Hart, a third one might be announced shortly following the release. For now you get to watch the awesome Conan O’Brien bit to hold you over.

[Featured image via TBS/YouTube]