WWE News: Big Update On Bullet Club And Shinsuke Nakamura To WWE, All Four Aren’t Signed Yet

The WWE pulled out all the stops, making their way to signing four the biggest wrestlers in the world. Shinsuke Nakamura, Doc Gallows, Karl Anderson, and AJ Styles should be on their way to the WWE by February. Due to recent events, that are rather unfortunate, the WWE Universe could witness their debut with the company sooner rather than later. It’s due to the injury of their biggest star, John Cena.

Due to this unforeseen circumstance, the WWE is changing their plans moving forward to WrestleMania 32. What could this entail? First off, everything involving John Cena is getting scrapped and re-worked. His feud with Alberto Del Rio and pending United States championship match at Royal Rumble will get erased, and Del Rio should get a new opponent. Kalisto isn’t doing anything and his tag-team partner, Sin Cara, is hurt. He’d be a great replacement.

WWE TLC Kalisto Uso
Kalisto hitting Solida Del Sol off ladder. (Image via WWE.com)

If WWE officials don’t want to do that, a newly signed New Japan Pro Wrestling star is an easy remedy to fill in and shock the world. Speaking of the four signees, there’s already news about it not being official yet. While the WWE hasn’t put the pen to paper, it’s nearly close to being done as it stands. According to Daily Wrestling News and PWInsider.com, Nakamura, Gallows, Anderson, and Styles aren’t WWE superstars just yet.

PWInsider reports that the two sides have not officially spoken and due to some of their contract status, there is major concern within WWE about what might be considered contract tampering.

“As of today, none of the four have signed deals yet and the only two that are legally able to do so right now are Styles and Gallows, but they still have to take and pass WWE’s medical & physical exams.

“It’s believed there has been communication between at least Gallows, Styles and WWE. With the exception of a few tweets and the WWE website story on the rumors, all sides involved are keeping things quiet.”

WWE superstars like Finn Balor, Daniel Bryan, and Bubba Ray Dudley have tweeted about them coming over to the WWE. Clearly, something’s going to happen eventually. The report also mentioned that Triple H approved the idea of WWE.com posting an article about the four men coming to the company. It wasn’t a web editor giving in to a rumor that began with MLW Radio.

Despite Gallows, Styles, and Anderson’s status being up in the air, Shinsuke Nakamura is all but confirmed to be on his way to the States. In a recent article by Tokyo Sports, Nakamura confirmed he was leaving for the WWE. Throughout all of this saga, contract tampering is something the WWE doesn’t want to get involved in.

Shinsuke Nakamura Tokyo Sports
Image via Daily DDT

Legal issues are at stake when even attempting to contact somebody early about leaving the place they are at for a new one. For example, if an NFL team tries to talk with another team’s head coach, sanctions are always possible for the organization attempting to lure a new coach away. A window opens as soon as a contract ends. It’s quite logical and not open for interpretation.

Nakamura’s confirmation makes it one down and three more to go for the WWE. Ring of Honor cancelling Styles’ advertisements is a big clue as to where he may be headed. Like the report mentions, Gallows may have talked with WWE officials already. Anderson’s status is still up in the air. Injuries create opportunities for new stars to rise. Cena’s injury opens a void that will need filled immediately.

[Image via insidepulse.com]