Niall Horan Did The Sweetest Thing But Is His ‘Winter Girlfriend’ Over?

Niall Horan has seemed to be in a pretty laid back mood over the past couple of weeks. One Direction star Niall spent the Christmas period at home in Ireland. Over the weekend Niall Horan spent some time doing what he seems to love best, watching sports. Whilst rumored girlfriend Selena Gomez jetted off to Bali to see in the new year Niall preferred to spend his time in London watching soccer and then, as reported in Inquisitr, spending the evening watching the World Darts Championship at London’s Alexandra Palace.

In contrast to band-mates Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson Niall has kept a low profile during the holidays. It seems that, like Liam Payne, Horan is determined to put the break into One Direction’s break. Of course, as 22-year-old Niall knows only too well, when you are a member of One Direction and you lay low for a few weeks fans start to worry. As was reported in Inquisitr recently fans have been taking to social media for Liam Payne who hasn’t been seen since he posted a sizzling selfie on Instagram just after Christmas.

Christmas weight dusted!!

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Horan is seemingly anxious to avoid his fans fretting over him and big-hearted Niall took to Twitter earlier today to reassure everyone that he was fine. Niall’s message told fans not to worry because he is “just keeping his head down and enjoying the break.” Horan is always quick to praise One Direction fans and Niall’s message is further proof of how much he values his fans.

In recent weeks, Horan has been constantly linked with former Disney star Selena Gomez. Niall and Selena have been portrayed as pop music’s hottest couple for weeks despite the fact that MTV reported that Selena denied that she and Horan were dating. When asked directly if she and Horan were hooking up, Selena said, “Oh my god! No.” She added, “I love him, I always have. He’s amazing.”

Even after the romance was denied, the gossip columns have continued to link Niall and Selena but it might just be that those rumors are about to end. The Daily Mirror claims that Gomez is not interested in a romance even though Niall “is happy to wait.”

It is reported that Selena doesn’t want to rush into anything after her break up with teen pop idol Justin Bieber. A “source close to” Niall and Selena apparently explained that Horan does not want to rush Selena because he really likes her.

“Selena doesn’t want to commit to a relationship and Niall doesn’t want to rush her or force her into anything. Niall doesn’t want to give her an ultimatum because he really likes her.”

Not everyone accepts that there was ever a romance between Niall and Selena. Many One Direction fans talk about the legend of the “winter girlfriend.” Over the years, it has become almost a ritual that a member of One Direction, usually Harry Styles, is linked with a high-profile beautiful woman in early December. Since 2011 Styles has been linked with Caroline Flack, Taylor Swift, Kendall Jenner and Nadine Leopold. This year it seems to be the turn of Niall Horan and Louis Tomlinson. At least until Kendall Jenner allegedly showed up on a yacht with Harry in the Caribbean last week.

Invariably the “winter girlfriend” romances have broken up by February so it is beginning to look like Niall’s romance is following a well trodden path and will become another chapter in the annals of the legend of the “winter girlfriend.”

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