Bill Cosby Won’t Face Charges On 2008, 1965 Sexual Assault Allegations, Was Not At The Scene In One Alleged Incident [Video]

Bill Cosby won’t face charges on two alleged sexual assault allegations. One occurred in 1965 and the other one in 2008. Findings show that neither Cosby nor his accuser was at the Playboy Mansion, the scene of the alleged 2008 incident. There is a lack of evidence in the 2008 allegation, and the statute of limitations has run out on the 1965 charge, which allegedly took place in Hollywood Hills.

Although the L.A. District Attorney’s report doesn’t mention names, a publicly presented case by model Chloe Goins’ attorney Spencer Kuvin accused Cosby of assaulting Goins, who was then 18, at the Playboy Mansion in 2008. Initially, Goins said the alleged incident happened at in August 2008 at the Playboy Mansion, but Cosby was in New York at that time. Later, Goins reasserted that the assault occurred during a summer party. But Cosby visited the Playboy Mansion in February 2008. Due to lack of evidence, he won’t face charges.

Goins referred investigators to a friend who was also at the party, but the friend denied even knowing Goins, per the Los Angeles Daily News. Kuvin said in a statement that the lack of charges is a “disappointment to Ms. Goins and our team that stands behind her. However, we recognize that the bar for criminal prosecution, which is proving guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, is extremely high.”

LA Co. DA is NOT prosecuting #BillCosby for alleged ’08 Playboy Mansion Chloe Goins assault. Cosby was in NY at time

— Elex Michaelson (@abc7elex) January 6, 2016

The victim in the 1965 accusation is referred to as Jane Doe. Her claim was that Cosby took her to a jazz club, got her drunk, and later raped her at a Hollywood Hills residence, according to the New York Daily News. She was 17 at the time. Cosby won’t face charges for this either. Per the D.A.’s office, there is a statute of limitation on filing charges for the crime of forcible rape.

The announcement that Cosby won’t face charges in the two cases comes about a week after he was arraigned on a sexual assault charges, noted ABC News. He was released on $1 million bail after assault charges were brought against him in Pennsylvania. Charges were filed on behalf of Andrea Constand, a former Temple University basketball coach Cosby allegedly assaulted in his suburban Philadelphia home in 2004.

Constand alleged she was given pills and wine, which left her incapacitated and unable to consent to sexual activity. She was the first of over 50 women who accused the comedian and television personality of assaulting them over a period of five decades. Stories are consistent in that most accusers say Cosby drugged them first.

But he won’t face charges in any of the other cases because it was too late to legally file them. Charges in the Constand case were filed just before the statute of limitations ended. Although there was a civil case in which a confidential settlement was given to Constand, she has agreed to cooperate fully in the criminal case.

In light of dozens of allegations, Cosby’s fall from grace as America’s dad was momentous. A Netflix special and numerous performance engagements were canceled. Throughout all the allegations, Cosby has staunchly proclaimed his innocence, thanking friends and fans on Twitter on December 31, the day after appearing in court on criminal charges. Pennsylvania DA Kevin Steele reopened depositions from the civil case, which led to filing second-degree assault charges.

Although Cosby won’t face charges in the Goins and Jane Doe cases, he will appear in court once again on January 14. If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison.

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