Self-Proclaimed Serial Killer Posts Frightening Craigslist Ad About ‘First Kill,’ Thanks Oklahoma Judge Who ‘Started It All’

Police in Tulsa, Oklahoma, are investigating a chilling post made in the personals section of Craigslist this week. The post was made by a self-proclaimed serial killer who claims to have made his “first kill” in the city. The purported killer goes on to say that the crime will be hard to solve because it was a “stranger on stranger” murder. Police have subpoenaed Craigslist for more information about the user who posted the disturbing message.

Fox 23 News reports that the Tulsa Police Department was notified about a disturbing Craigslist ad this week. The post was made by someone claiming to be a serial killer who had just made his “first kill” in Tulsa. The alleged killer says he will continue killing and suggests his next target may be in Oklahoma City. The police say that the whole thing could be a scam, but that they are taking the threat seriously.

As a result, the Tulsa Police Department has subpoenaed Craigslist for more information about the person making the frightening post. The Craigslist ad was posted to the “personals” section of the Tulsa Craigslist and outlined a number of details. First, the alleged serial killer says that he killed someone in Tulsa through a stranger on stranger attack. Therefore, he says it will be harder for police to solve the case as he has no connection with the alleged victim. The poster also claims that he plans to continue killing others and that Oklahoma City is his next target. In addition to the information about the potential murders, the Craigslist user also thanks an Oklahoma judge and Department of Corrections worker.

Craigslist Serial Killer Ad TulsaCraigslist Serial Killer Ad Tulsa A self-proclaimed serial killer posted a disturbing message to the personals section of the Tulsa area Craigslist. [Image via Craigslist screenshot]According to The Blaze, the Craigslist ad was reported to authorities and officials immediately subpoenaed Craigslist for more information. However, Dave Walker with the Tulsa Police Homicide Unit says that the subpoena could take a while. Though the Tulsa Police Department is still investigating the matter, Walker notes that he believes the post is a hoax or scam made to incite fear. Walker says he believes this because there have not been any recent unsolved murders or people reported as unaccounted for in the city.

“You know, we don’t have anyone who is unaccounted for. We don’t have a dead person that we haven’t figured out.”

Walker likened the Craigslist “serial killer” to a recent individual texting people about burying a body. He says that it is likely a hoax or drunk person trying to be funny. However, the police department will continue to work on the case as they say there is a connection to Tulsa and a concern as the “serial killer” mentioned a local Tulsa Judge Glassco and Department of Corrections employee by name in the ad.

While police continue to investigate the validity of the Tulsa “serial killer” ad, Cracked has compiled a list of eight real Craigslist ads that they believe were written by real serial killers looking for their next victim. From the good Samaritan offering up his home for weary travelers to the numerous “attractive girls only” jobs posted to the website, Cracked has compiled a list of some of the most “serial killer-esque” posts they have come across.

What do you think about the Tulsa serial killer Craigslist ad? Do you think it is just a hoax or could there be more to the post that authorities should investigate?

[Image via Craigslist]