Jersey Shore Star Deena Cortese Slapped with Fine After Arrest

It looks like Deena Cortese, Jersey Shore cast member has taken the role of wild child now that her friend and cast member Snooki is pregnant and tending to her upcoming responsibilities.

Cortese was arrested on June 10th for something every parent has scolded their child about. Deena failed to walk on the sidewalk, and started dancing in the streets. It was said that Cortese was interfering with the roadway and flow of traffic, but the prosecutor didn’t have enough evidence to charge the reality star.

Instead the two sides met and agreed that as long as Deena agreed to plead guilty the offense would lessen. When Deena pleaded guilty this dropped any record she would have acquired for being booked and paid $33 in court costs. In addition, the reality star had to pay a $106 fine for not using the sidewalk.

During her hearing, Deena Cortese stood before the judge and said, “I’m sorry if I caused any trouble.” Judge Dan Sahin who was appointed to the case gave her a light warning, “Ms. Cortese, please keep in mind you’re taking police officers away from a job they have to do. The officers here are not the New York City Police Department; we’re not 1,000-strong. They’ve got a tough job to do.”

Also present was the reality star’s mother, Joann Cortese who hugged and kisses her daughter goodbye, but not without a stern warning saying, “He doesn’t want to see you in that courtroom again.”

Do you think the Jersey Shore reality star should have been charged harsher?