‘New Mutants’ Movie Release Date Unknown, Producer Simon Kinberg Says It Will Aim For Young Adult Audience

The New Mutants movie release date has yet to be set. Considering that co-writer Josh Boone hasn’t developed the screenplay beyond the rough draft, this shouldn’t be a surprise.

The tone of the New Mutants movie plot will allegedly be aiming for a different audience from the previous X-Men films. The reason for the change is believed to be due to the recent success of X-Men: First Class and its sequels. 20th Century Fox has been planning several spin-offs and two TV series, and they want to diversify audiences for each one.

Yes, the same movie studio behind the DC Comics television hit Gotham will be handling two X-Men TV spin-offs with Hellfire and Legion. Hellfire was the name of the club audiences were introduced to in X-Men: First Class.

While the New Mutants movie release date is unknown, we do know that the tone for the film will be similar to Harry Potter or The Hunger Games. The X-Men films have always had a decidedly adult message to them about the oppressed fighting for their rights in a society which hates them. Much like First Class, though, the New Mutants movie release will feature more of a school-like environment, possibly focusing more on relationships and moral lessons. Being mutants, these teenagers could easily face some of the biggest challenges seen since the Harry Potter series.

The New Mutants, basically the next generation of X-Men, are Karma, Wolfsbane, Psyche, Sunspot, and Cannonball, according to the official Marvel Wiki.

Movie Pilot says Karma, a Vietnamese girl, is able to mentally possess others, a power similar to what Charles Xavier used in X-Men: Days of Future Past when attempting to talk to Mystique. Wolfsbane is a Scottish girl who can shape-shift into a wolf, and has a Wolverine-like healing factor. Psyche, also known later as Mirage, is a Native American able to create illusions based on others’ fears and hopes. Sunspot is a mixed-race boy who is able to use the Sun’s energy to enhance his strength. Cannonball is a guy from Kentucky who can rocket through the air, impervious to harm. Others include Magma, Magik, Warlock, and Cypher.

It is unknown how many of these characters will be utilized when the New Mutants movie when the release date hits, but we can expect it to be a while. It will need to be released sometime between X-Men: Apocalypse, a third Wolverine, and the Gambit and Deadpool films.

If the mutants listed above are all used, it could signal another step into Hollywood’s push for equality on multiple fronts. In a white male dominated industry, audiences are seeing more persons of color and female directors and actors being considered for major films, and the New Mutants movie release would seemingly work as part if this effort.

ComicBook.com has reported that the TV spin-off series Legion has a female lead, and the White Queen (Emma Frost) of the Hellfire Club has always been a dominant female character in the comics. They also reported producer Simon Kinberg as saying that New Mutants will be “more of a Young Adult movie,” to make it different enough that it won’t compete with 20th Century Fox’s other projects.

Will this revelation be enough to entice a new audience to the X-Men fanbase by the New Mutants movie release date?

[Image via Marvel Comics]