Good News Reported From Bad News Headlines

Already we’re coming up to the halfway mark of the first month of the new year and there’s already been some good news reported with many things and to start, one of them is the current state of the U.S. economy.

In a previous post by the Inquisitr which covered the transition of the new year, that good news was referred to in comparison to the bad news coming from China around the value of their currency.

Good news in the American financial market
It's been reported that there is more value in the American dollar at the beginning of the new year over world currencies.

The initial report is from CNN Money, which states that the new year shows the American dollar off to a strong start in contrast with not only China, but Turkey and India, to name a few other nations.

But almost as soon as someone mentions it, things begin to fluctuate and now there’s some not so good news where Bloomberg is showing that the dollar is slumping at the lowest level in a month as well as since 2009.

And this goes along with the monetary policy that’s been put in place since the last recession, because after the bailout, good news was announced by Janet Yellen, who said that interest rates would be raised again, giving Americans more to their savings, among other financial balances.

How quickly things change.

Concerning other pressing affairs, the leading news story as of late is the reportedly good news by authorities that Mexican billionaire drug lord, Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman, was captured by Mexican forces, two weeks into the new year after eluding capture for six months, since his escape from a Mexican prison.

Here’s the Mexican president’s social media announcement.

But this hasn’t been seen as such “good news” to some relatives of the drug lord who, according one report from CNN, have already threatened to take action against the Mexican government in response to the nation’s president Pena Nieto’s tweet.

The U.S. government would consider it good news that the Mexican government is seriously considering extraditing the drug lord to the United States, even when they’ve refused to do so in the past, according to a new report by the Associated Press, via the New York Times.

Another big name who reportedly had some words to say about “El Chapo” last year is Republican presidential contender Donald Trump, who made the news again fairly recently when a silent protester stood up in the stands behind him, making a statement against Islamophobia.

The title of the article about the incident written by the Washington Post reads, “Muslim Woman Gets Kicked Out Of Trump Rally,” which would play into the state of polarization which would come across as good news to many of Trump’s supporters.

However, the protesters would also consider it good news that there were some at the rally who were apologetic to the protester as she was being escorted out, as reported by CNN’s Jeremy Diamond.

“Despite her early exit, Hamid did manage to speak with the Trump supporters sitting around her in the stands, several of whom held her hand and said ‘sorry’ as she was forced to leave the venue.”

The Inquisitr also reports that a petition created by viewers of the popular Netflick series Making A Murderer with demands that the Obama administration pardon another controversial figure, got a response from the White House.

This would be considered good news by those who feel that the accused, Brendan Assey and Steven Avery, of the true crime show have been wrongly convicted. Especially when the authorities involved with these convictions have publicly said that just because someone sees it on television doesn’t mean they’re right.

Before the weekend, PBS News Hour recently interviewed the creators of the show which paid special attention to the criticism from authorities claiming the creators are biased and haven’t looked at all of the evidence.

And thus far, a post by The Dodo shows that according to the 1.6 million Facebook shares, many people feel that it’s good news that this year’s Golden Globes host Ricky Gervais is honoring a dog named “Killer” who has helped nab 115 illegal poachers.

As mentioned in a post by The Inquisitr concerning some selected events around the new year, the trials and tribulations that many have reportedly experienced appear to not have that much of a lasting impact, as there is always a need to have some good news to level things out.

[Image by Vincent Poulissen via Flickr / CC BY-SA 2.0]