‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Robin And Patrick Tie The Knot, Tracy Holds A Secret Over Hayden, And Laura Urges Nikolas To Ditch Hayden

General Hospital spoilers indicate that Thursday’s episode is one that fans simply cannot miss. It is time for Patrick and Robin to get remarried before they head off to California with Emma to begin a new life together. There are other bits of drama happening throughout Port Charles in this January 7 episode, as well. Viewers seemingly have quite the show ahead of them.

Viewers watched this past week as Patrick and Robin got engaged, again, and decided to move to California. Both Emma and Anna were a bit thrown by these sudden plans to move, and Emma insisted that they get married before leaving town. Thursday’s show will revolve around this wedding quite a bit.

As We Love Soaps shares, loved ones will gather during this episode to celebrate Robin and Patrick’s marriage. It seems that Mac will officiate and everybody gathers at the couple’s home to watch them tie the knot. General Hospital spoiler previews tease that Maxie will worry that she’s done something to ruin Robin’s big day; although, knowing Maxie, this is surely a minor glitch that Robin will not be terribly worried about.

Though things are difficult and awkward between Jason and Elizabeth these days, it looks like both parties will be at the wedding. Liz has grown quite close to Patrick while Jason and Robin have a long history together. Could being at the wedding spark anything for Jason and Liz? Jason has been growing closer to Sam again, but it would appear there is a lot that needs to happen before Jason can start a new life with either woman, if he ever does.

Elsewhere in Port Charles, General Hospital spoilers detail that there will be some interesting moments between Laura and Tracy. It seems Laura will be telling Tracy that, perhaps, a trip is in order to get away from all of the recent relationship drama. As it sounds, the topic of Luke will come up, which could certainly lead to some tense moments between these two women.

This episode also brings some tidbits related to Nikolas and Hayden. General Hospital spoilers via She Knows Soaps share that Laura will be having a chat with her son, seemingly trying to convince him that a relationship with Hayden is a bad idea. Previews show Hayden handing Nikolas some paperwork indicating that he has been served, but so far it is not known just what that is about.

In addition, General Hospital spoilers share that Tracy will be tickled over a secret she has. It sounds as if this secret may be related to Hayden, perhaps about her ex, and it seems that Tracy thinks she can use this to leverage regaining control of ELQ.

While viewers are sad that this episode brings the departure of Patrick, Robin, and Emma, everybody is glad to see that they leave on a good note. Jason Thompson is officially ending his time on General Hospital with this episode after a decade in the role of Dr. Patrick Drake.

Fans will miss Thompson as Patrick in Port Charles, but he won’t be laying low for long. The actor is heading over to The Young and the Restless to take over the role of Billy Abbott. A first air date for Thompson on Y&R has not been detailed yet, but it is expected to be soon.

After years of complications, it looks like “Scrubs” finally gets their fairy tale ending. Don’t miss a minute of the emotional scenes ahead as Patrick and Robin get remarried on Thursday’s episode of General Hospital.


[Image via Nathan Varni’s Twitter]