Arab Men Assault Hundreds As Mass Violence Breaks Out In Germany — Did Authorities Conceal Facts To Avoid Inflaming Racial Hatred?

A mass assault involving “hundreds of men of Arab and African origin” occurred on New Year’s Eve in Germany, according to the Daily Mail.

The “sex mob” of about 2,000 “North African and Arab” men attacked people in Cologne. Victims describe being sexually assaulted and attacked. It is believed that the men were part of a professional gang and that similar organized attacks, which broke out at New Year’s Eve celebrations in Stuttgart and Hamburg, may have been linked.

The males were between 15 and 35-years-old, according to witnesses. They moved through the city, tightly surrounding women in groups of 30 or 40. The men would isolate the women in this way and then grope them and mug them, sometimes mugging their partners as well.

Two rapes have been reported. One woman suffered severe burns when the men shoved a firework in her hood.

A victim told reporters, “We were fondled, I was groped between my legs. My friends were also fondled. My boyfriend tried to pull me away. There was quite a big group of people, maybe thirty or forty.”

Protests have now broken out as Germans blast the police for the way they dealt with the attacks.

One woman in the video gave her impression of the Arab and African assailants and the way they seemed to become emboldened by the mayhem that surrounded them at the packed New Year’s event.

She said, “[T]he men believed they could do anything they wanted.”

“They felt like they were in power, and like they could do anything with the women who were out in the street partying. They touched us everywhere.”

The Guardian reports that right-wing groups, such as the Alternative for Germany party and the anti-Islamic movement Pegida for Merkel, have renewed calls to put a stop to mass migration.

Tensions over migration have been rife in Germany in recent times due to Angela Merkel’s controversial open-door policy towards refugees. More than one million people arrived in the past 12 months, and thousands have come since the Paris attacks in neighboring France, for which terror group ISIS claimed responsibility. Refugees from countries like Syria continue to flood into Germany every day. New calls have now been made to stop what is believed to be a dangerous open-borders policy on a European continent that is becoming more and more volatile.

About 100 complaints have now been made to police, two-thirds of which are linked to sexual assault, including two rapes. According to police and witnesses, the perpetrators were of north African and Arab appearance.

The gang are known locally and even have a nickname: antänzer (waltzers). This describes the sneaky way they carry out robberies.

“[T]he men snuggle up to their victims, often twisting a leg around them in an apparently playful fashion, which causes them to lose balance, whereupon the perpetrator uses the opportunity to whip a wallet or mobile phone from a pocket or bag.”

It seems odd to many that Cologne’s police chief, Wolfgang Albers, has said that “[s]o far, we have no knowledge of who the perpetrators are.” German police have claimed they will not be able to identify the perpetrators.

“There’s no evidence that we’re dealing here with people who are refugees,” said Cologne’s mayor, Henriette Reker.

Reker angered many when she suggested that women ought to take care to cover themselves and went on to play down the possibility that the men were refugees.

“There is no evidence,” said Reker, who has drawn heat for her pro-refugee stance and was even stabbed by a man who disliked her pro-refugee policies when she was campaigning to become mayor.

The mayor further inflamed anger by apparently refusing to even consider that the men were refugees. She told reporters that the very suggestion is “absolutely impermissible.”

Many believe that a police and media cover-up is occurring and that authorities fear that they will whip up anti-foreigner sentiment if they admit that some of the perpetrators may have been refugees, according to the Guardian.


Debate has erupted in Germany over immigration. Kristina Schröder, a former family minister, said it was time for Germany to put concerns about political correctness aside and examine cultural differences clearly.

“For a long time it was taboo, but we must grapple with masculinity norms that legitimise violence in Muslim culture.”

In the days after the attacks, Germans observed that the violence was being under-reported. Angry social media users flooded Twitter, Facebook, and other platforms with complaints. Many were convinced that the attacks were deliberately under-reported amid fears they would encourage anti-immigrant sentiment.

Germany’s public broadcaster ZDF did not report on the attacks until Tuesday, a whopping four days after they had occurred. The broadcaster was eventually forced to apologize for this decision.

A similar silence was apparently observed in Britain, where the BBC did not report on the attacks for a full six days.


[Image by Sascha Schuermann/Getty Images]