Johnny Manziel Dumped By LeBron James And Agency

Johnny Manziel continues to struggle to find the maturity needed to become an NFL superstar, and LeBron James has had enough of the Cleveland Browns QB, according to ESPN.

On Wednesday afternoon, LeBron James told the media that he was greatly concerned for Johnny Manziel, who happens to be both a good friend and a business client as well.

A couple of hours later, LeBron James decided to dump Johnny Manziel from the marketing agency that he and childhood friend Maverick Carter started together not too long ago.

With the termination of Johnny Manziel as a client, LRMR no longer has any clients who are professional athletes. Maverick Carter stated that he was focused on much bigger projects.

While many are under the assumption that the business move also ends their personal relationship, LeBron James has stated that he still plans to be friends with Johnny Manziel.

Whether or not Johnny Manziel decides to remain friends with LeBron James is another story, though. Manziel has yet to show the maturity that James has shown over the years.

It’s no secret as to why LeBron James decided to no longer associate himself with Johnny Manziel. The Cleveland Browns star has been soiling his good name with dumb incidents.

Johnny Manziel Johnny Manziel [Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images]Those bad incidents do not affect LeBron James on a personal level as much as it does on a professional level. James isn’t going to lose money if his friend keeps finding trouble.

Losing his contract with LRMR might not be that big of a deal to Johnny Manziel when you consider that he might be losing his job with the Cleveland Browns later on this spring.

Reports have surfaced that the Cleveland Browns are tired of giving undeserved chances to Johnny Manziel, and the new head coach might not want to be saddled with the headaches.

A renewed business partnership with LeBron James might be on the table if Johnny Manziel were able to convince another NFL team into giving him a chance at finding success.

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones recently told the media that he was willing to take risks if it meant that he could find a quality backup quarterback in case Tony Romo is hurt again.

Not only is Jerry Jones interested in embattled Washington Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III, he is still heavily rumored to have a thing for Johnny Manziel once he’s a free agent.

While the Dallas Cowboys still have Kellen Moore under contract, Jerry Jones is not opposed to provide him with competition for the backup quarterback position in the spring.

Tony Romo Tony Romo [Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images]Since the Dallas Cowboys are one of the most popular teams in the NFL, Johnny Manziel could become quite the marketing asset if he can prove himself to be a good player again.

With Tony Romo, 35, not getting any younger and very injury prone over the past couple of years, the opportunity to prove himself has a good chance of being there for Johnny Manziel.

Since the spotlight is very much on you when you are playing for the Dallas Cowboys, Johnny Manziel could easily find himself out of the NFL if he ends up blowing this possible new chance.

After multiple incidents over the first two seasons of his NFL career, it is hard to have faith in Johnny Manziel. He could find himself in the same position as Ryan Leaf, who had tons of upside, but mentally could never cut it in the NFL and later found trouble with the law.

There’s a very good chance that ESPN does a 30 For 30 special on Johnny Manziel some day. The former Texas A&M star quarterback can dictate if it’s a good story or a bad one.

LeBron James just sent a wake up call to Johnny Manziel.

[Featured Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images]