Louis Tomlinson, Briana Jungwirth ‘Babygate’ Drama Rumbles On

It’s not unusual for Louis Tomlinson to find himself in the midst of one drama or another. The One Direction star is the subject of thousands of column inches in the gossip rags on virtually a daily basis. Tomlinson’s sexuality, love-life, and lifestyle has been the source of dozens of stories virtually every day since the 24-year-old star came to the public attention during the 2010 season of Simon Cowell’s X-Factor. Almost every aspect of Tomlinson’s life has been scrutinized and even obsessed over, but nothing has caught the public’s attention as much as the so-called “Babygate” drama.

Louis’ fans need no reminding that in July of last year, U.K. tabloid the Sun broke a world exclusive story claiming that Tomlinson was to become a father. It seems that Louis had a brief relationship with L.A. stylist Briana Jungwirth, and the impending arrival of baby Tomlinson was the result. Many One Direction fans raised an eyebrow in disbelief when the story emerged because it was broken by the Sun’s U.S. editor, Pete Samson, who happens to be married to Simon Cowell’ PR chief, Anne-Marie Samson.

At the time the story broke, Louis was on tour with One Direction and the story suggested that Tomlinson and Jungwirth had hooked up whilst Louis was on an L.A. stopover during that tour. At the time, a number of pictures of Louis with Briana made the papers, but strangely they have not been seen together since, though Briana did hang out with Louis’ family at a One Direction concert.

Since Briana’ pregnancy was announced, Louis has made just one brief statement in which he said he was “excited” about becoming a father. After that statement in early August, Louis has kept silent about Briana and Baby Tomlinson. As reported in Inquisitr it has been claimed that questions about the matter are banned.

Many of Louis fans firmly believe that the baby Tomlinson story is some sort of PR stunt that has gone badly wrong. When the Sun reported the pregnancy, Briana even took to social media to deny that she was pregnant.

Louis Tomlinson pregnancy
(Image via Twitter)

Oddly, Louis and Briana have not been seen together since the initial flood of photographs, and while Louis has said little about the pregnancy, Briana has said nothing other than that social media denial.

Earlier this week, it was reported in Inquisitr that some photographs have emerged on social media that confuse the baby Tomlinson issue still further. In an Instagram post, a picture has been shared which purports to show Briana displaying her baby bump.

beyond grateful for such a beautiful day

A photo posted by Briana Jungwirth (@brianaashleyjungwirth) on

It is believed that the snap was shared by Briana’s mother. Strangely, several other pictures have emerged from over the holidays which appear to show Briana without a baby bump all of which leaves the Mirror questioning whether or not Briana’s pregnancy is real.

It is human nature to crave information and where silence exists it is natural for that silence to be filled. Tomlinson’s charity work has proven time and again that he loves children, but Louis’ fans are struggling to understand why he has never mentioned Briana, and has only spoken about baby Tomlinson once. Most expectant fathers can’t stop talking about their babies, but Louis has resolutely maintained his silence.

Of course Louis may simply be trying to protect Briana and baby Tomlinson from the kind of media intrusion that has become the norm for him. Tomlinson may have decided that this matter is one in which he intends to maintain total privacy, but, ironically, Louis’ silence has given birth to a host of theories and rumors far beyond what would have been expected had he discussed the matter openly.

It is of course a very difficult balancing act. Louis has a right to privacy, but success in the music business brings with it a degree of public scrutiny. Many people believe that Louis’ fans have a right to answers and, whilst that may be unfair, living life in the public eye does bring a degree of responsibility for openness and truthfulness. If you live in the public gaze you have a responsibility to be a role model and to set a good example.

It seems that there will be no let-up in the level of curiosity about baby Tomlinson in the foreseeable future.

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