Inside ISIS Terror Labs: Islamic State Has A Horrifying ‘Research And Development’ Wing

It’s been called a “jihadi technical college.” And while some of the bombs it makes are pathetic and crude, like the backyard bombs constructed by bored or rebellious teenagers during school holidays in the suburbs, some of the ISIS men seem to know just what they are doing.

New footage taken at the ISIS capital of Raqqa proves that the group has developed critical technology that will assist them in building advanced weaponry, including surface-to-air missiles, according to Fox News.

“Islamic State has no borders. It’s an ideology of hate that’s spreading across the world, from its headquarters in the city of Raqqa in Syria. It’s here they plan their campaigns against all societies. Sky News has discovered a research and development wing more sophisticated than was ever imagined.”

The footage above shows the group’s stash of TNT, improvised missiles, and stockpiles of explosives. A speaker explains that the group stockpiles various materials and different types of fuses. The ISIS speaker reflects that all types of explosive materials can be used to destroy any target, as long as they have the right fuses.

The tapes were confiscated from an ISIS militant who was caught trying to make his way through Turkey. He was about to cross into Europe and distribute the training videos to local jihadists. The European-based jihadists needed to be trained in order that they could carry out new ISIS terrorist attacks in Europe, following the vile “success” of the ISIS Paris attacks, which killed 130 people.

Maxim reports that trainees from countries like Tunisia, Somalia, Egypt, Pakistan, and Sudan travel to Raqqa to take part in a “terror training course.” The killers are also being trained to design and build delivery systems that will allow the missiles to breach Western security.

“But here’s the really scary part: Not only are these lunatics learning how to make bombs, they’re learning how to manufacture delivery systems designed to circumvent Western security protocols. And according to the video package produced by Sky, ISIS ‘terror weapons labs’ look like a jihadist version of Q’s workshop from the James Bond franchise.”

Perhaps most frighteningly, ISIS technicians have managed to convert a missile from a jet fighter into a surface-to-air missile, which ISIS forces on the ground could use to take out a Western plane. The heat-seeking warhead reportedly has a 99 percent hit rate and could take out a passenger plane.

ISIS is also developing remote control cars that will function as bombs, similar to the way the passenger planes of September 11 were used as weapons, taking out the World Trade Center towers in New York. The group shows a diabolical creativity — in order to make sure the cars get past Western security, ISIS has built mannequins (those grey-ish white humanoids in the images) and equipped them with heating elements that “mimic” human body heat. This will reportedly allow the ISIS “cars” to pass security points without arousing suspicion. The cars will drive into heavily-populated zones and then either crash into the crowd or perhaps explode in a crowded area.

“[ISIS] have even fitted the cars with mannequins to look like ‘drivers’… [The ‘drivers’] are given a heat signature so they emulate humans when viewed by spy planes.

“Staggeringly, the mannequins even have self-regulating thermostats to produce the heat signature of humans. This allows the car bombs to evade security scanning machines.”

Mirror reports that an ISIS defector revealed some insider information to the media. The ex-ISIS fighter spoke to Sky News reporter Stuart Ramsay, and confirmed that the bombs and weapons seen in the video are “meant for Europe.”

“[They are] designed to ‘target a large number of people in more than one location.'”

[Photo by Kutluhan Cucel/Getty Images]