Three Children Left Orphaned After Father Bludgeons Their Mother To Death With Hammer Because He Thought She Was Cheating, Then Hangs Himself

Three children are left orphans after their father bludgeoned their mother to death with a hammer because he thought she was cheating, then he hangs himself in the bedroom, reported the Mirror. After losing his job as a builder, Kevin Baker, 35, of Chard, Somerset who suffered from depression and anxiety, became so stressed that it caused issues in his marriage of 11 years. In March 2015, his wife Tracey asked him to move out of their three-bedroom home after he started to accuse her of cheating.

Sources say that Kevin obliged and move into his parents’ house, but that’s when he became so obsessed with catching his wife having an affair that he would spend a significant amount of time looking through an old phone that belonged to his wife. At one point, he became so anxious that he over dosed on drugs twice, and in May 2015 his father and brother had to wrestle with him in order to untie the cables that was wrapped around his neck. Apparently, Bakers was trying to commit suicide by hanging himself.

After Baker’s third suicide attempt, he made an appointment to see psychiatrist Dr. Michael Cohen, who said he was “anxious and depressed,” but showed signs that he wanted to get help. And when Dr. Cohen asked the father of three about his future, he made it evident that suicide was not in his plans. When he arrived for his second appointment, the psychiatrist said he seemed more positive, but he did mention that he felt his wife was having an affair with an “old school flame” as she had recently reached out to him during their breakup.

Although it has not been confirmed if his wife was cheating, she did, however, visit her high school sweet heart Christopher Wood just hours before she was murdered. The pair went for a walk where she opened up about her five-year marriage to Kevin before they parted ways at approximately 4:45 p.m.

But little did Dr. Cohen know, that would be the last time he saw his client alive. Within the next 24 hours of Kevin’s visit, he bludgeoned his wife to death with a hammer before committing suicide by hanging on July 4, 2015. The Daily Mail reported that hours before the murder-suicide, Baker had been watching his three children when he suddenly left after making plans to see his wife around 5:17 p.m., according to a text. He was supposed to return to his parents’ home to collect his children, but he never returned.

The following day, the bodies of Tracey and Kevin Baker were found dead in their home of an apparent murder-suicide. Police say they found “bloodstained, wooden hammer and bloodstained kitchen knife at the scene, though there was no evidence the knife had been used.” It is believed that the mother was murdered between 5:30 p.m. and 6 p.m. before the father took his own life in their bedroom.

Somerset Coroner Tony Williams stated that the three children, who were left orphaned after their parents’ murder-suicide, would be care for by their relatives. He said, “Tracey was unlawfully killed at approximately 5:30pm on July 4 at her home address. She suffered a number of fatal hammer blows to the head. Kevin also died on July 4. His time of death was likely to have been between half five and six that evening.”

And Williams told the family during a “two-hour inquest” that “The fact that both families have been able to attend today is an indication of how these two families are staying together appropriately for the benefit of the children. I know you are working hard to bring up the children between you as best you can.”

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