WWE News: John Cena Having Shoulder Surgery, ‘WrestleMania 32’ Match Potentially Still On

Just as soon as WWE was looking like they were going to turn a corner with their programming, the promotion was hit with some of the worst news they could receive. Rumors began to swirl late last night about John Cena sustaining a serious injury. While it wasn’t confirmed at the time, John Cena tweeted the dreadful information to eliminate all doubt about his injury.

If that wasn’t enough confirmation for the WWE Universe, WWE.com published an update about Cena’s injury, without saying too much. There isn’t much of an update at this time because the surgery hasn’t taken place yet. Until Cena’s operation is completed, nobody will truly know the extent of his injury. This is where the rumors began about how long he’ll be out.

PWInsider.com wrote the initial report about Cena, in which SEScoops.com picked up shortly thereafter. Here’s the story about John Cena’s impending shoulder operation.

“What’s more, the injury is reportedly significant enough — possibly a torn rotator cuff — that he’ll need extensive recovery time. That means he’s likely going to miss WrestleMania 32, where he was rumored to be working a match against Undertaker.

“This would be the first WrestleMania Cena hasn’t worked since 2003.”

Cena’s remained a mainstay at WrestleMania for over a decade. He’s been the main event of several of them and is one of the top WWE stars of the last 11 years. Even though everyone’s reporting Cena will miss WrestleMania, it’s not guaranteed yet. As of January 7, WrestleMania 32 is 86 days away. Knowing Cena’ recovery ability, thinking he can return a lot earlier than usual isn’t out of the question.

Also, until the surgery is done, or if anyone saw Cena’s MRI of his shoulder, nobody knows the prognosis of his situation. John Cena, those close to him, and the surgeon know exactly what’s going on. Therefore, ruling Cena out of WrestleMania isn’t appropriate.

Above all else, the WWE doesn’t need any more extended ailments. As of this writing, here’s a comprehensive list of those who are injured right now: Cesaro, Daniel Bryan, John Cena, Konnor, Randy Orton, Seth Rollins, Sin Cara, Sting, Tyson Kidd, Nikki Bella and Hideo Itami.

Sami Zayn was on that list before two weeks ago. This all took place in 2015, which had to be one of the worst years for injuries in WWE history. After Cena was just added to that group, how does the WWE rebound?

'WWE Royal Rumble 2016' poster: John Cena

If Cena is out for WrestleMania, adding the newly-added Bullet Club to any main event scenario isn’t a bad idea. It will bring in new blood and when an injury occurs, it is then time for the next man to step up. When Cena returns, he’ll go right back to the top. WWE superstars need to take advantage of the injuries and use that spotlight to their advantage.

This is also a time for WWE Creative to take a chance and use high-risk maneuvers. Give Finn Balor the WWE World Heavyweight championship on his first night. If Seth Rollins is healthy by WrestleMania, have him interfere in the main event. If it’s Dean Ambrose vs. Roman Reigns, give the fans a Shield triple threat bout. When adversity hits you head on, face it and acclimate yourself. The WWE is about to go through major adversity.

[Image via WWE.com]