Miranda Lambert: Anderson East Injured In Skiing Accident, Gwen Stefani Thinks Miranda Is Going All ‘Fatal Attraction’

Miranda Lambert and her new boyfriend, Anderson East, wanted to start the New Year off on a high note by heading high up into the Rocky Mountains for a romantic ski resort getaway. However, their year got off to a very rocky start when one of Anderson’s trips down the slope ended in disaster.

Miranda Lambert’s new man is now nursing a pretty serious injury, but he’s not letting it stop him from spending time with his ladylove. Unfortunately for Anderson, physical pain isn’t his only worry right now – a new report suggests that Miranda Lambert is using him to get “revenge” on ex Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani.

According to Us Weekly, 32-year-old Miranda Lambert and 27-year-old Anderson East decided to celebrate the New Year together by hitting the slopes in Aspen, Colorado. Unfortunately, Anderson suffered a “nasty fall” and broke his collarbone during their ski trip.

“Miranda was there and helped him heal, took him to get treated,” a source said of Anderson’s injury. “So it wasn’t quite the fun holiday trip they wanted, but they were still happy to be together and he’s really happy she was there nursing him by his side and making sure he was OK.”

Perhaps Miranda Lambert and Anderson East would have been better off spending their time at the ski resort cuddling up and enjoying a little R&R. According to TMZ, the Instagram photo below was taken in Aspen, and Miranda shared it on New Year’s Day. It looks like she and Anderson just came inside after being out in the cold and are trying to use body heat and Miranda’s plaid jacket to get warmed up.

Anderson East Injured During Ski Trip Miranda Lambert and Anderson East cuddle during their Aspen trip [Image via Miranda Lambert/Instagram]“The snuggle is real,” Miranda Lambert captioned the cute and cuddly picture.

A source revealed that Miranda and her boyfriend headed back to Nashville after Anderson got all patched up. According to Us Weekly, Miranda Lambert was awarded the Nashville property that she and Blake Shelton owned as part of their July 20 divorce settlement. The couple had a prenup that allowed Blake to keep his ranch outside of Tishomingo, Oklahoma. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Blake took Gwen Stefani to Tishomingo over the Christmas holidays.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani have engaged in plenty of PDA since they started dating, but Miranda Lambert and Anderson East seemingly decided to keep things a little more private during the beginning of their relationship. A source told E! News that Miranda and Anderson have actually been dating for a few months, but Miranda Lambert’s January 1 Instagram photo is the first real evidence that something is going on between them.

Even though Miranda Lambert was carefully kept her relationship with Anderson East a secret for months before letting her fans know that she’s on the rebound, a new Hollywood Life report suggests that Miranda’s “snuggle is real” photo and her romance with Anderson are nothing more than a ploy to get “revenge” on Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton for flaunting their blossoming relationship.

Rumors about Miranda Lambert’s relationship with Anderson East started circulating at the end of December when Us Weekly reported that they were “really enjoying each other’s company.” A source recently told the print edition of In Touch Weekly that Gwen Stefani believes Miranda Lambert is responsible for leaking the story about her new romance with Anderson. Gwen allegedly thinks it’s suspicious that the Anderson East story broke the same day that Miranda started following Gwen on Twitter.

“Gwen thought that leak was a sad attempt at revenge,” the source revealed.

This unnamed source also claims that Gwen Stefani thinks that Miranda Lambert is obsessed with her and is starting to act like the crazy Glenn Close character from the movie Fatal Attraction. Gwen allegedly believes that evidence of Miranda’s obsession includes her constant stream of text messages to Blake, her temporary pink dye job, and her decision to follow Gwen on Twitter and Instagram. As The Inquisitr previously reported, Gwen Stefani responded to this bold social media move by liking one of Miranda’s tweets.

Gwen Stefani And Miranda Lambert Have Both Had Pink Hair
Gwen Stefani thinks Miranda Lambert copied her pink hair (Photos by Michael Loccisano/Getty Images, Chris Weeks/Liaison]

Celebuzz has also shared a video of Miranda Lambert channeling Gwen Stefani by singing the No Doubt song “Spiderwebs” at Joe’s Bar in Chicago. However, the performance took place one month before Blake Shelton filed for divorce.

So, do you believe that Miranda Lambert’s “snuggle is real,” or is it possible that she’s just using Anderson East to get revenge on Blake Shelton for flaunting his relationship with Gwen Stefani?

[Image via Miranda Lambert/Instagram, Anderson East/Instagram]