Body Of Missing Pregnant Woman Found Decomposed And Partially Buried In Home Basement – Her Father Is The Prime Suspect

The decomposing body of missing pregnant woman Andrea Caruth, 39, of the Bronx, New York, was discovered in the basement of her home, partially buried, and her father is the prime suspect, according to the NY Post. The day care operator was reported missing by her 44-year-old boyfriend Lincoln Grant, who said she was last seen around 10:30 a.m. on January 3.

The missing woman’s sister, Angel Caruth, stated that she started to worry after noticing her sister, who was five-months pregnant, had “Left her keys, her wallet, her pocketbook, everything. Her cell phone, she left everything behind.” She went on to say that her sister’s boyfriend claimed that “she got up Sunday morning” and left the home because she made plans to meet with a friend, Julia McCall, for brunch, but her friend claims she never made it.

“She’s a very responsible person. She’s not just gonna get up and leave her business like that,” Angel said. “She’s not gonna get up and leave her students like that. And she drives. She’s five months pregnant. She’s not gonna get up and walk.” The missing woman’s boyfriend added “I’m just hoping that she’s safe. You know, I’m just praying for her safe return. Just so she knows that I miss her. I love her.”

Her aunt Mary Caruth said that she didn’t “Want to think the worst, but it’s not looking good.”

“We’re just praying, wherever she is,” said Leticia Emestica, who is Andrea’s friend. “We want closure. We hope God brings her back. Angie is a professional, responsible young woman. She’s very successful, she loves her children at day care. She wouldn’t just up and leave and disappear.”

However, just three days after she was reported missing, police officials discovered the missing pregnant woman’s decomposed body in the basement of her home at approximately 3 a.m. with the assistance of a cadaver dog. After suspecting foul play in Andrea’s disappearance, officers obtained a search warrant to scour the area as well as her home on 3242 Corsa Avenue. That’s when they came across Andrea’s body, which was partially buried in the basement of her home, according to NBC New York.

Police officials believe she died from “strangulation and blunt force trauma to the head,” but Andrea’s cause of death have not been confirmed by a medical examiner.

Her 61-year-old father William Caruth was arrested and charged for her murder after New York police discovered Andrea’s splattered blood throughout the home he shared with Andrea. Police say he had been stealing money from her and had “taken out a second mortgage on their home without her knowledge.” When she uncovered what her father had done, she confronted him and it didn’t end well.

The untimely death of the missing woman stunned the community as they believed she was just starting life. Sydney Jones, 29, whose daughter attended the daycare where Caruth opereated, said that “When you are having a child, that’s the beginning of your life. And to know that she was just killed over — what? It doesn’t make any sense.”

Jones added that she had an inkling that something wasn’t quite right when the mom-to-be didn’t show up for work. She said, “She had never taken a day off. She’s the kind of teacher who would be there on Christmas Eve and just always be there for the kids. I knew as soon as I heard she wasn’t at work that something was funny. I do try to keep my faith, but something in my heart just didn’t sit well. I’m like, something happened to her.”

When she discovered that Caruth had been murdered and found decomposed in the basement of her home, Jones said she “was in shock and in disbelief. I fell on the floor. It hurts because she was more than a friend. She was family.”

“She was a loving person who holds no grudge against nobody,” said McCall. “She was a wonderful, wonderful person, the best friend I ever had.”

This is a developing story.

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