Taco Cleanse: Lose Weight in 2016 By Eating Nothing But Tacos?

The taco cleanse is an eating plan that everyone can get excited about. It's a cleanse that encourages you to eat tacos every day--even Taco Bell— and supposedly, you won't gain an ounce. Not only does the book, Tacos Cleanse: The Tortilla Based Diet Proven to Change Your Life claims the cleanse will keep your body working in pristine shape, but you are able to drink whatever you want-- even soda or beer!

The diet plan was developed by Wes Allison, Stephanie Bogdanich, Molly R. Frisinger, and Jessica Morris after they went on 30 days of taco's diet and took charge of their health, reported E Online on Wednesday. The eating plan is a vegan diet, and the book has over 75 different recipes to try. There is a variation for every meal from breakfast to lunch to snacks. The taco cleanse is the trending diet plan for 2016, and experts are expecting it to surpass Paleo or Gluten- free eating by the end of the year.


The diet plan is simple— your intake is all based on vegan style tacos. In the book, they gave you over 75 recipes to try with a few different variations to the taco shell, too. In fact, the book encourages the participant to learn to make their own tortilla shells. As a bonus, the book includes a recipe for a waffle taco shell. Can you imagine anything more delicious?

One of the recipes uses beer battered Portobello mushrooms topped with fresh vegetables in and wrapped in a warm homemade tortilla. Doesn't that sound delicious? Cleanses are supposed to be hard, right? Not this cleanse, well that is if you like tacos. Let's face it; if tacos are not your thing, this diet may be difficult to stick to for more than a day or two.


As part of the 30-day cleanse, you must eat tacos for every single meal--that includes breakfast and snacks. Cosmopolitan noted if you feel you need something sweet, the book said to treat yourself to a Choco-taco, which is a chocolate covered ice cream taco shaped sandwich. The taco cleanse doesn't restrict your beverages either. Most cleanses will state you cannot have anything but water, hot tea and coffee. If you are a soda drinker, this is the diet for you. It is (perfectly) acceptable to partake in your taco with a Diet Coke or a Margarita.

The book explained that you could go to Taco Bell if you wish for your daily taco requirement. Remember, the taco cleanse is a vegan eating plan. If you are the type that MUST eat out a few times a week, there is a section in the book that specifically outlines the best way for you to order your food at Taco Bell to be cleanse approved.


The taco cleanse was designed as a way of eating that can help get you on track without taking over your life. So many diet plans are time-consuming and care so much guilt when you fall off the wagon. Taco cleanse makes it simple--if it is a taco, it is an approved food.

Before running out and buying the book and all the taco ingredient to last you a few days, the authors of the book do not promise weight loss. They promise you will feel better than you have in years after your 30 days, and expect you would lose a few pounds along the way. The cleanse is a 100 percent vegan diet, so you won't find any eggs or fish in the recipe section of the book. Instead, they use fresh fruits and vegetables as a way to meet all your nutrition needs.

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