Donald Trump: Poll Shows GOP Frontrunner Isn’t Candidate Republican Base Should Be Worried About

Donald Trump poll data is a constantly researched topic online, in part because many political insiders aren’t sure how the reality star and real estate mogul could be holding onto his lead for so long.

Trump has proven day after day and month after month that he is almost bulletproof when it comes to saying things that would sink a “normal” candidate.

Donald Trump poll numbers are consistently at the top of the crowded GOP nominee race for the 2016 general election. He has been credited with killing Jeb Bush’s campaign before it ever got started, and some data even shows that he would fare surprisingly well against Hillary Clinton in a head-to-head race.

Establishment Republicans have been worried about the possibility that Trump could end up as their party’s nominee, prompting rumors of a brokered convention and a surprise nomination going to Mitt Romney, which the Inquisitr previously reported on here.

But new Donald Trump poll data shows that “the Donald” isn’t exactly the candidate establishment Republicans should be the most worried about.

It’s another candidate, who is commanding some pretty impressive numbers while showing — according to MSNBC — just how fractured GOP voters really are.

That candidate is Ted Cruz, and here’s what the data shows.

Image via MSNBC, linked above

From the graph above, courtesy of NBC News and Survey Monkey, it’s clear that Marco Rubio is the undisputed establishment candidate with 46 percent of supporters loving the Republican Party and 50 percent hating the Democratic party. These numbers are the most balanced — a fact that comes to light when comparing to Donald Trump (43 percent love, 64 percent hate) and Ben Carson (37 percent love, 52 percent hate).

With Ted Cruz, however, the numbers are considerably unbalanced with just 32 percent of his supporters loving the Republican party and 77 percent hating the Democrats.

What does this data mean?

It means that Ted Cruz, by some polls a neck-and-neck number two to Donald Trump, is supported largely by disenfranchised GOP respondents. It also means his supporters are less likely to make the compromises needed to woo independent or third-party voters.

Previous Donald Trump poll data shows that the billionaire businessman, who is funding his own campaign, has been able to draw a surprising amount of support from those outside his party, making him a more viable candidate than Cruz in a general election, according to the Ballot-Access website.

Detractors of Trump believe — and are hoping — that maybe the poll data is skewed by voters, who have no intention of voting for Trump in a general election. Establishment Republicans are hoping it doesn’t get that far and that many of his supporters will be ineligible to vote in some primaries where registering as a Republican is a prerequisite for participation.

There is a sense these “phony Republicans” that are part of the Donald’s “silent majority” are really just trying to stack the deck for a Clinton-Trump showdown in which the GOP frontrunner gets trounced. That would be the ideal scenario among Democrats, but for the GOP a Trump win or loss — especially in a party as divided as Republicans currently are — would bring with it no positive political future.

At least, that’s the thought pattern expressed by many. However, the poll numbers from NBC News and Survey Monkey paint a different picture, and that picture is that a Ted Cruz win would basically mean a win for the Tea Party, whom establishment Republicans have fought hard to restrain in recent years.

But what do you think, readers? Does this latest Donald Trump poll data reveal that Cruz is a bigger threat to the GOP base, and would either of them stand a chance against Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in a general election? Sound off in the comments section.

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