Janet Jackson Cancer Rumors Are False, But Concern Over Ticket Sales Is Absolutely Valid

Yesterday, Radar Online reported that Janet Jackson could have cancer.

RadarOnline.com has learned Janet Jackson, who recently announced she’s set to undergo surgery, has a tumor that could be cancerous. ‘Doctors found a growth on Janet’s vocal cords that could be serious,’ a source close to the 49-year-old the ‘Control’ singer told Radar.”

The so-called source went on to note that it’s a medical condition that needs to be taken care of immediately. Thankfully, the rumor ended up being just that — a rumor. Extra says Janet will resume her tour in March. Unlike Radar Online, Extra spoke to a real source. It is possible that Janet Jackson could have some sort of throat problem and may need surgery. If that’s the case, thank God it’s not life threatening.

Janet Jackson Unbreakable Are Janet Jackson’s ticket sales as good as expected? [Photo by Alexander Tamargo/Getty Images]There has been much crude speculation about why Janet has been postponing her concert dates and many believe that the “throat” thing just doesn’t hold up. Some have even said that the “cancer scare” was a publicity stunt to make people feel sorry for Janet Jackson. Twitter has been ruthless.


Though these comments are unnecessary, questioning Janet Jackson’s current career troubles is certainly appropriate. Janet announced her “comeback” this May and it was supposed to be the comeback of all comebacks. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that way. Though her single “No Sleeep” was No. 1 on the Adult R&B chart, it was an absolute flop on the Hot 100, debuting at No. 67 and then dropping off into oblivion. Further singles have failed to chart on the Hot 100 altogether. The Unbreakable album has fallen off the charts, and, when on the charts, it has been alleged to chart with completely unethical sales methods, even ones that angered her own fans.

Janet Jackson Tour Several of Janet Jackson’s shows have not sold out. [Photo by JC Olivera /Getty Images]Billboard has been posting their Current Boxscore chart every week. About half of the shows Janet Jackson has played haven’t been reported. Out of the ones that did, shows in Grand Rapids, MI (8,621/9,102); Orlando, FL (8,906/9,067); Tampa FL (7,702/8,811); and Minneapolis, MN (8,879/10,395) did not sell out. Those numbers aren’t awful, but if these were reported and others weren’t, one has a right to wonder how low attendance numbers could have been. Janet’s unreported Calgary show at the Calgary Saddledome had an attendance of 8,500, according to the Calgary Herald — a number far lower than the 19,000 listed capacity for the venue.

It’s also important to note that the seating capacity listed at many of Janet Jackson’s shows is far less than what the venues usually hold. For example, the capacity for the Amway Center in Tampa is 17,461. A concert usually holds a little bit less than the total capacity, but the 8,811 capacity figure that was given (and that Janet couldn’t fill) could raise some questions.

To be fair, some of Janet Jackson’s shows have been reported as sellouts, such as shows in San Francisco, Toronto, and Inglewood, CA. Perhaps Janet Jackson’s team has just been too lazy to report her numbers. Many people who are bashing Janet Jackson don’t understand how the concert business works. However, when you constantly postpone dates and hide numbers from the general public, people are going to raise questions. Let’s hope Janet Jackson’s Unbreakable World Tour ends up continuing without any more hitches and becomes an overall success.

[Photy by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images]