Miley Cyrus Stays Quiet On Instagram, Skips Performance To Be With Liam Hemsworth

Miley Cyrus is usually active on social media, especially her Instagram page. She’s always sharing nonstop selfies, bizarre photos, and updates on her music or her personal life.

But her Instagram has been like a ghost town lately. The only photo Miley has posted recently is this following photo of a ceiling fan with a best friends sticker on it. In the caption, she jokingly wrote: “My #1 fan.”

Miley Cyrus [Photo by Miley Cyrus/Instagram]The last time Miley Cyrus, 23, took a break from social media was when she was dating her ex-fiancé, Liam Hemsworth. Back in 2013, Cyrus announced that she was taking a break from social media because she was sick of the gossip surrounding the status of her relationship with the younger Hemsworth brother.

Back in 2012, rumors were swirling that the Australian actor wanted the pop star to delete her Twitter profile because she shared too much in regards to their relationship and her personal life. Miley reportedly tweeted the following vague statements on September 13, 2012: “sometimes i feel like i love everyone more than they love me. hatttte that feeling,” and then tweeted, “Thought of the day: maybe it’s not that they love you less, they just love you the most they are capable of loving.”

An insider told the Hollywood Life that The Hunger Games star wanted Cyrus to either delete her Twitter or give up tweeting all together.

“Miley’s tweet was such a huge insult to Liam. She tried to pass it off like it had nothing to do with him, but it totally affected him, no matter what she tries to say. She was trying to get his attention, but she just ended up making him pull away from her more. He thinks she’s acting like an immature schoolgirl, and he wants her to get off Twitter completely.”

Apparently, Cyrus has tried quitting Twitter before in 2009 — allegedly due to her relationship with Liam. Cyrus and Hemsworth seem much happier these days, though. The young couple was spotted having a reunion with the rest of the Hemsworth family in Australia, sparking the romance rumors. Cyrus was looking and acting much like her old self. It’s a departure from the Cyrus that’s often seen twerking on stage or posing nude on the covers of magazines.

Not only is the “BB Talk” singer staying silent on social media, but she’s also skipping performance just to be by her ex’s side. It’s unlike Miley to skip out on a concert where she can be her wacky and wild self on stage. She was scheduled to perform her song “Hands of Love,” her gay rights anthem, for the film Freeheld. But the song’s co-writer Linda Perry announced that Miley wouldn’t make the event because she’s still in Australia.

Inside sources told E! News yesterday that Cyrus and Hemsworth are definitely back on after they were spotted “cuddling and kissing” at the Falls Music Festival in Byron Bay.

Though the couple ended their relationship in 2013, another source told People that they’re still very much in love with each other.

“Miley never got over Liam. Despite them constantly fighting over the split, Miley always said that Liam is the love of her life. There were so many things that she loved about their relationship. They had a lot of fun and Liam was mostly very supportive of Miley.”

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth met on the set of the 2010 film, The Last Song. They then dated and got engaged two years before calling it quits in September, 2013. Following her split, Cyrus dated Patrick Schwarzenegger and Victoria’s Secret Angel Stella Maxwell. Now, it looks like Cyrus is willing to give it another shot with Hemsworth.

What are your thoughts on Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s reunion? Do you think the couple will get back together and finally walk down the aisle? Sound off below in the comments section.

[Photo by Jemal Countess/Getty Images]