Burger King Joins The Food War, Scrambles To Meet The Needs Of Meal Deal-Seeking Customers

Burger King announced big changes to the menu options moving into the first quarter of 2016. The fast food giant aims to crush their competitors’ value meals, offering their lower-income customers a deal they won’t be able to pass up. The deal will overshadow Wendy’s four items for $4 value meal, giving their customers another item for the same price.

Burger King is the latest of several national fast food chains targeting lower-income families in providing affordable value meals. Last year, Taco Bell and McDonald’s joined the quest to provide cheaper nutrition solutions for struggling families. Their idea was a hit, and it greatly increased their profits for the year, according to a recent report.

Fox News reported on Wednesday that the fast food giant Burger King launched a new value meal with five items for only $4. The meal includes bacon cheeseburger, small fries, small soft drink, four-piece chicken nuggets, and a warm chocolate-chip cookie. Wendy’s has a similar value meal — they call it four for $4. The meal includes a bacon cheeseburger, small fries, small drink, and chicken nuggets.

McDonald’s launched a deal called “McPick Two.” The customer can select two value menu items and make a small meal or combo out of it. The deal was launched in November and has been so successful in bringing new customers to the fast food chain that McDonald’s representative stated it would likely be added into the everyday menu.


Alex Macedo, the president of Burger King of North America, told USA Today that the promotion is built on the fact that their customers were searching for the best deal possible, without sacrificing the quality of the food they serve their loved ones. Macedo believes the new promotion will prove to be a profitable venture for Burger King, and they will continue to offer the deal to their strict budget customer.

Apparently, the food deal is not limited to Burger King and other fast food establishments either. Pizza Hut and Papa John’s have implemented special budget-friendly deals for their cost-conscientious customers. For example, Pizza Hut’s current promotion is buy two or more — choose either pizza, wings, breadsticks, soft drinks, or cookie and get each item for only $5 each.


Papa John’s launched a new deal this week: buy a large one topping pizza, get a second pizza for 50 cents. Papa John’s hopes their deal can compete with Pizza Hut’s $5 menu and other fast food joints’ value meal options. Papa John’s released a statement last year that they were struggling to find a promotion that increased their customer base.


A Burger King spokesperson stated that the fast food establishments must continually try to come up with new food deals for their customers. “Deal seeker composes about 15-20% of the customer base, and they strictly go wherever the best deal is. For this reason, it is important that Burger King provides them with the best deal in the industry,” Alex Macedo said.

Burger King’s hand was forced into the five items for $4 value meal deal after the company struggled to increase the prices of the value menu’s food options. According to the report, Burger King attempted to raise the prices, but the customer base was not accepting of the price increase, forcing the chain to reduce the prices. Burger King and Wendy’s did not state how long the current promotion will last.

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